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In-work poverty in Europe: A study of national policies

In-work poverty in Europe: A study of national policies

Getting people into quality jobs is key to achieving the European Union's ambition of fostering upward convergence in living standards across all Member States. However, while working is generally considered as the best way to avoid poverty, this is not sufficient for almost one out of ten European workers. This report produced by the European Social Policy Network (ESPN) shows that addressing in-work poverty remains a key challenge— in spite of the wide array of existing policies and policy reforms underway. Beyond the damaging consequences for European societies, in-work poverty signals a fundamental social unfairness: working is not a guarantee for avoiding poverty.

The report is based on the national reports on in-work poverty  prepared by the 35 ESPN Country Teams.

Catalog N. : KE-02-19-161-EN-N

Available on  EU Publications

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