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Social Agenda 53 - The future of work

Social Agenda 53 - The future of work

A wealth of evidence has just been collected and analysed by the European Commission, to identify the trends that are shaping the future: that of the world of work; and that of the vocational education and training systems in the EU Member States.

This issue of Social Agenda is based on two sources. One is the 2018 edition of the Economic and Social Developments review, which came out in July 2018. It focuses on the impact of technological transformation on the employment and social situation.

The other is the concluding conference of a three-year project on the changing nature and role, since 1995, of vocational education and training in the EU plus Iceland and Norway, carried out by Cedefop (European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training). This conference took place in November during the central EU-level event of the European Vocational Skills Week.

With a key question running like a red thread from one article to another: how best to empower people in the face of a changing world of work?

Catalog N. : KE-AF-18-053-EN-N

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