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Sectoral social dialogue - Local and regional governments

Sectors of activity :

Social partners

Workers' organisations Employers' organisations
European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR)

Social dialogue in this sector - formally established in 2004 - covers the following activities (defined mainly by NACE code 84.11, 84.13, 84.24, 84.25)

  • local and regional public services (local administrators, fire-fighters, waste workers, community liaison personnel, etc.).

Over 17 million people work in public services in the EU (Eurostat, Labour Force Survey, data 2014).

The social dialogue committee represent around 150,000 local and regional authorities.

It promotes quality public services, based on values of

  • social and environmental responsibility
  • accountability.

The committee is also a forum for

  • exchanging information on labour market issues
  • responding to consultations and other initiatives by the Commission, Parliament and Council,
  • influencing legislation and policy in the fields of employment, training, social protection, labour law, and health and safety.

Challenges include

  • promoting social dialogue between employer and trade union organisations in local and regional government
  • exchanging information on labour market issues and sharing best practice,
  • monitoring technological developments and their impact on the workforce and employers (especially digitisation),
  • climate change, energy transition, migration and their impact on municipalities and citizens,
  • recruiting young workers and retaining older workers in local public services,
  • life-long learning;

Key areas

The committee focuses on:

  • the economic crisis and its impact on local and regional government
  • migration and anti-discrimination guidelines
  • restructuring - implementing the CEMR-EPSU joint framework on restructuring for local and regional government
  • information and consultation rights - minimum standards
  • socially responsible procurement
  • social services
  • health and safety at work
  • violence - follow-up guidelines on third-party violence
  • gender equality - follow-up on guidelines

Activities and meetings

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Achievements/Joint texts

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