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Sectoral social dialogue - Central government administrations

Sectors of activity :

Social partners

Workers' organisations Employers' organisations

Trade Unions’ National and European Administration Delegation (TUNED) [European Public Services Union (EPSU) and European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CESI)]

European Public administration Employers (EUPAE)

Social dialogue in this sector covers:       

  • civil servants and employees in government ministries, agencies, services that are financed or run by central government, and EU institutions.

In the EU, there are over 6 million people working public administrations, at local, regional or central level.

Central government administrations are subject to many reforms – often driven by financial considerations, such as:

  • decentralisation
  • aligning working conditions/status with the private sector
  • privatisation of key services.

In addition to austerity measures, government administrations also face challenges at EU level (cost-efficiency pressures, and increasing macroeconomic constraints).

Governments are also under pressure to improve the quality of services for citizens.

Focus areas       

The Committee focuses on:  

  • improving EU employment standards
  • shaping EU policy that affects central government administrations
  • promoting common values: the rule of law, neutrality, accountability, accessibility, transparency and equal treatment
  • quality of public services
  • equality and diversity
  • ageing workforce
  • health and safety.

Activities and meetings

Library entries for this sectoral social dialogue committee

Recent main achievements

  • Information and consultation rights for central governments administrations – framework agreement (2015)
  • Quality central government services for people in vulnerable situations – recommendations (2015)
  • Preventing undeclared work – joint response in second stage consultation (2014)
  • Closing the gender pay gap – recommendations (2014)
  • Strengthening human resources by anticipating and managing change – joint policy guidelines on strategy (2014)
  • ‘Towards well-being at work in central government administrations as part of a new EU occupational safety and health strategy framework’ statement (2013)
  • Quality service in central government administrations – joint European framework agreements (2012)
  • Traineeships: Response to the EC Communication ‘Towards a quality framework on traineeship’(2012)
  • EU Commission green paper restructuring and anticipation of change – joint opinion (2012)
  • Effects of the crisis – statement (2011)
  • Equal pay for women and men – statement (2011)

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