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Open Public Consultation for the Evaluation of the EU Agencies: EUROFOUND, CEDEFOP, ETF, EU-OSHA

Policy field(s)

Employment and Social Affairs

Target group(s)

All citizens and public and private organisations are welcomed to contribute to this consultation. Contributions are sought in particular from stakeholders of Eurofound, Cedefop, the ETF and EU-OSHA during the period 2011-2016.

Period of consultationfrom :     05/04/2017     To :   05/07/2017
Objective of the consultation

The consultation aims to collect information and opinions from the general public and stakeholders to support the on-going evaluation of the four Agencies under the remit of DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, particularly on 1) the assessment of the Agencies work regarding relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence and EU added value, and 2) the future of the four Agencies, gathering new ideas on issues central to their future, including cross-cutting and governance issues.

How to submit your contribution

We welcome contributions from citizens, organisations and public authorities.

Please click on the consultation page to submit your contribution.

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View the questionnaire: https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/Evaluation_of_EMPL_agencies
Reference documents and other, related consultations
Background document - Open public consultation on the evaluation of the four EU agencies falling under the remit of DG Employment (Eurofound, Cedefop, ETF and EU-OSHA): български čeština dansk Deutsch eesti keel ελληνικά English español français hrvatski italiano latviešu valoda lietuvių kalba magyar Malti Nederlands polski português română slovenčina slovenščina suomi svenska
Contact details Responsible service : DG Employment, Social Affairs and inclusion, unit G4: Evaluation & Impact Assessment
E-mail : EMPL-G4-UNIT@ec.europa.eu
Postal address :Unit G4: Evaluation & Impact Assessment DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion European Commission B-1049 Brussels BELGIUM.
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In the interests of transparency, organisations have been invited to provide the public with relevant information about themselves by registering in the EU 's Transparency Register and subscribing to its Code of Conduct. If the organisation is not registered, the submission is published separately from the registered organisations.

Results of consultation and next steps
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