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Health and safety at work - Senior Labour Inspectors Committee

Senior Labour Inspectors Committee

The Senior Labour Inspectors’ Committee (SLIC) started to meet in an informal way in 1982 to assist the European Commission in monitoring the enforcement of EU legislation at the national level.

A Commission Decision (95/319/EC) gave the Committee formal status in 1995 with a mandate to give its opinion to the Commission, either at the Commission’s request or on its own initiative, on all problems relating to the enforcement by the Member States of Community law on health and safety at work.

The Committee is regulated by:

The principal activities of SLIC are to:

  • Define common principles of labour inspection in the field of health and safety at work and developing methods of assessing the national systems of inspection in relation to those principles
  • Promote improved knowledge and mutual understanding of the different national systems and practices of labour inspection, the methods and legal frameworks for action
  • Develop exchanges of information between national labour inspection services about their experiences in monitoring the enforcement of secondary Community law on health and safety at work
  • Promote a labour inspector exchange programme between national administrations and the setting up of inspector training programmes
  • Develop a reliable and efficient system of rapid information exchange between labour inspectorates about health and safety issues
  • Establish active cooperation with labour inspectorates in third countries to promote better understanding and to assist in resolving any cross-border problems
  • Study the possible impact of other Community policies on labour inspection activities relating to health and safety at work and working conditions.

The Committee is composed of the Commission and one representative of the labour inspection services of each EU Member State. It assembles for a meeting every six months in the EU Member State holding the EU Presidency.

For further information about SLIC and its activities see the library entries.

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