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European Platform tackling undeclared work

The European Platform tackling undeclared work enhances cooperation between EU countries. It brings together relevant authorities and actors involved in fighting undeclared work, to tackle this issue more effectively and efficiently, while fully respecting national competences and procedures.

The Platform

  • helps EU countries to better deal with undeclared work in its various forms
  • drives change at national level
  • promotes better working conditions and formal employment
  • aims to increase awareness of issues related to undeclared work

This EU-level forum allows different actors, including social partners and enforcement authorities, such as labour inspectorates, tax and social security authorities, to

  • exchange information and good practices
  • learn from each other and together
  • develop knowledge and evidence
  • engage in closer cross-border cooperation and joint activities

The work programme for 2021-2022 reflects the realities of tackling undeclared work in a difficult economic context. It aims to deepen understanding of (new) types of undeclared work and sectors particularly exposed (e.g. in relation to the collaborative economy, seasonal work, personal and household services as well as HORECA) whilst supporting partnerships, innovation and capacity building, as well as increasing public awareness of undeclared work. The transition of the Platform to the European Labour Authority (ELA) as a permanent working group by latest 1 August 2021 will provide new opportunities to address these challenges in a more integrated and comprehensive way.

Funding for the activities of the European Platform is provided by the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) 2014-2020.


The Platform is composed of

  • Members: representatives of the Member States, for example from federal ministries, labour and social inspectorates, tax and customs authorities or social insurance agencies, of EU level cross-industry social partners and of the Commission.
  • Observers: representatives of social partners representing the sectors most affected by undeclared work, Norway and Iceland as members of the European Economic Area and organisations like Eurofound, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) and the International Labour Organisation (ILO).


The Platform offers different resources to help build know-how and showcase transferable practices to tackle undeclared work. Explore materials from events and thematic work and visit the virtual library using the buttons below.


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Work programme and governance

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Undeclared work in European countries

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