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Publications of the European Commission

Employment and Social Developments in Europe Review

The annual review of Employment and Social Developments in Europe (ESDE) provides analytical support for EU and national policy actions in pursuit of the Europe 2020 employment and social objectives. Chapter II.2 of the ESDE 2015  focuses on labour mobility and migration in the EU. The ESDE 2016 includes a chapter on the labour market and social integration of refugees.

European Employment Policy Observatory

The European Employment Policy Observatory (EEPO) prepared country and synthesis studies on challenges that asylum seekers and refugees face in integrating into the labour market in the EU-28, Norway and Turkey, reflecting the situation in 2015/2016. All studies and the synthesis can be found in the library (search for “refugee” as a keyword).

European Social Protection Network Flash Reports

The European Social Protection Network has published analyses on social protection measures available to asylum seekers and refugees. All Flash reports are available for download.

Education and Training Monitor

The annual Education and Training Monitor provides a comparative and country specific analysis of education, including an analysis for pupils and students with a migrant background.

European Migration Network

The European Migration Network reports annually on policy developments in the field of immigration and asylum (see Synthesis Report: June 2016). Moreover, the network has published ad-hoc queries comparing the situation across Member States on refugee-related topics.  

Mapping of Asylum Seekers and Refugees Integration Policies across EU Member States

The two tables provide a short mapping of the availability of labour market and social integration policies across EU and EFTA Member States to asylum seekers and refugees. Additional detail and justification is provided in the comments that can be seen by hovering with the mouse over the table, while the grey colour indicates that certain issues have been identified in the reports with regard to a certain policy in a given country.

Migration Research Platform

The Migration Research Platform, managed by DG RTD, provides streamlined access to research on different aspects of the migration phenomenon, including immigrant integration, temporary/circular migration, trans-nationalism, migration and gender relations, migration and development, migration flows, migration data and statistical modelling, diversity, economic impact of immigration, and transnational families.

JRC Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography

The JRC Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography provides information on the Commission’s overall response to the opportunities and challenges related to migration, serving as a hub providing overview of different data-gathering activities across the Commission.

Joint Publications

ILO-MPI Project

For a limited number of countries (FR, SE, DE, ES, CZ, UK) in-depth analysis of labour market integration of recent migrants is available through an ILO-MPI project conducted with DG EMPL, reflecting the situation in 2013/2014.

European Commission-OECD

Additional statistical information can be found in the EC-OECD report Indicators of Immigrant Integration 2015 – Settling In. Another joint publication is titled How are refugees faring on the labour market in Europe?.

Other Resources

European Website on Integration

The European Website on Integration contains up-to-date information about policy developments in the field of integration and in particular about "integration practices" in all Member States.


Eurostat publishes European Population Statistics as well as Quarterly Reports on Asylum Statistics of all EU member states. Basic indicators on integration (education, employment, social inclusion) are published on a yearly basis on the webpage on integration indicators.


DG Migration and Home Affairs hosts a useful Glossary.

MIPEX (Migrant Integration Policy Index)

The MIPEX was co-funded by the European Integration Fund, and provides on-line statistical and policy information about integration policies across EU and non-EU countries, including a ranking of good/bad policies in 8 policy areas.


The OECD Policy Booklet on Making Integration Work is a useful collection of 10 policy lessons for better integrating refugees into our societies. The yearly OECD International Migration Outlook is also a major source of information on policy developments, analysis and recommendations. In particular the 2014 edition was focused on "Labour market integration of immigrants and their children: developing, activating and using skills" while the 2013 edition contained a chapter on "Discrimination against immigrants – measurement, incidence and policy instruments".

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