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The FEAD operational programme in Belgium aims to provide food assistance to people in need, as well as material assistance specifically to children. It is hoped this will contribute to the EU2020 objective of reducing the number of people in or at risk of poverty and social exclusion.

In 2018, 16,4% of the Belgian population was considered at risk of poverty, with 5.4% unable to afford a meal with meat, poultry or fish (or vegetarian equivalent) every second day.

The operational programme in Belgium helps to combat poverty by providing food to public social welfare centres and other registered partner organisations. The food is distributed for free to the people living under the poverty threshold (including migrants and refugees). The Managing Authority pays particular attention to the nutritional quality of the products distributed, as well as to their suitability for consumption.

Managing Authority

PPS Social Integration, anti-Poverty, Social Economy and Federal City Policies

Boulevard du Jardin Botanique 50 boîte 165

1000 Brussels

Tel: +32 2 508 8586

Website: http://www.mi-is.be

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