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Austria provides basic material assistance through its operational programme. The FEAD operational programme in Austria aims to support children in low-income and disadvantaged households.

In Austria children and young people are more likely than other groups to be affected by poverty, with more than 10% of those aged below 18 affected by material deprivation.

The operational programme supports children directly, particularly with assistance for education. It provides children in low-income and low-asset households with back-to-school packs to reduce the financial burden that comes with the start of a new school year. The back-to-school packs, which include different options based on the children’s age and school year, also aim to boost children’s motivation at school and to put a stop to stigmatisation.

Managing Authority

Federal Ministry of Labour

Social Affairs and Consumer Protection - BMASK – Section V

Stubenring 1

A-1010 Wien

Tel: +43 (1) 711 00-6122

Website: https://www.sozialministerium.at/  

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