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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Country:United Kingdom
Start Year:2013
Contact:Sheila Duncan, Human Resources Director
Types of organisation:Companies and business organisations

ScottishPower (Energy Networks) has recruited a total of 61 Apprentices this year across Scotland, England and Wales. 48 Craft Apprentices with a further 13 Power Engineering Apprentices. Both programmes will last for three years and combine a blend of academic and technical skills training with work based learning and assessment. The Craft Apprentices will be multi-skilled in areas such as Jointing, Overhead Lines and Electrical Fitting. The Power Engineering Apprentices will on completion of the training become Operational Engineers.

Another initiative within Scottish Power is the Engineering Foundation Programme, and this year we have recruited 42 students onto this programme. It is a 12 month programme. Each year 15 of these students are guaranteed a Craft Apprenticeship on completion of the programme.

ScottishPower has also recruited 32 Graduates across a number of business including Energy Networks, IEC Networks, IEC Renewables, Retail & Generation. The Graduate Programme is two-year development programme combining personal development, technical training and work placements. Graduates will on completion take up engineering roles across our operating area.

Between 2007-2011 ScottishPower had not recruited any Apprentices. Since 2011 the numbers have increased each year as follows, 2011 – 10, 2012 – 30, 2013 – 48. 53 are planned for 2014. These numbers do not include the Power Engineering Apprentices, which we will continue to recruit in addition to the Apprentices.

This year, 2013, ScottishPower also led and supported a collaboration project with its contractors to encourage them to support a workforce planning process that would see them recruit apprentices as well. This was delivered through Talent Bank which is part of NSAP (National Skills Academy For Power). Total apprentices recruited for this was 74 (20 being ScottishPower’s)

Area of action: Supply
Partners:ScottishPower works closely with colleges in Forth Valley (Scotland) & Manchester (England), and we have well established partnerships with these organisations.
The Engineering Foundation Programme is delivered in partnership with Edinburgh, Glasgow Clyde and West Cheshire Colleges.

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