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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Start Year:2013

Laurent ESCURE, General-Secretary

Helene HEMET, National Secretary for International Affairs

Christine SAVANTRE, VET expert

Types of organisation:Social partners

UNSA-Education represents 77 600 employees in all grades of education including VET teachers, trainers and educational support staff in France. UNSA-Education is a member of ETUCE (European Trade Union Committee for Education) and affiliated to UNSA, the national confederation of workers.

UNSA-Education fully supports the objectives of the European Alliance for Apprenticeship and will work towards more quality, accessible and fair apprenticeships in France. UNSA-Education also supports ETUCE and other European teacher trade unions’ actions to improve apprenticeship.

In line with the objectives of the European Alliance for Apprenticeship and the implementation of the ETUCE Policy paper on maintaining and improving quality education in VET, UNSA-Education will:

  • Promote the European Alliance for Apprenticeship and raise awareness among the teachers in general education and in particular among the VET teachers and trainers.
  • Make actions to improve quality provision of apprenticeship which should lead to employment and to further education and training.
  • Increase working conditions during apprenticeship for both apprentices and teachers and trainers to achieve optimal quality of training in the workplaces.
  • Ensure fair pay and social rights in apprenticeship.


Enhance and initiate further dialogue with employers, ministries and others stakeholders on the abovementioned objectives and in particular:

  • To increase the number and improve the quality of apprenticeship in France and to implement the Youth Guarantee initiative.
  • Strengthen the dual-aspect of VET with quality apprenticeship included.
  • Ensure better permeability between the systems (general education to dual VET and from dual VET to further education / tertiary education).
  • Improve pedagogical knowledge of trainers in apprenticeship.
  • Improve the system of professional development training for VET teachers
Area of action: Quality
Area of action: Image

French students, parents, teachers, VET teachers and trainers, employers, companies, ministries.

National Commitments:Do also have a look at the national commitment of your country

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