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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Author:CIAPE - Centro Italiano per l'Apprendimento Permanente
Start Year:2013
Contact:Ms. Eleonora Perotti
Types of organisation:Education and training providers

CIAPE is the Italian Centre for Permanent Learning, involved in research and training actions concerning the development of the new skills for the future.

We would like to define and implement Quality Standards for Apprenticeship, involving businesses and VET organisations in a European Network for the certification of learning outcomes deriving from the apprenticeship experience.

The process will foresee the following actions:

  • Oct. 2013 Development of the Quality Apprenticeship European Network, made of Chambers of Commerce, companies and VET providers belonging to different European countries
  • Feb. 2014 Definition of European Quality Standards for Apprenticeship, to be jointly developed with all the stakeholders and focusing on specific activities to be implemented during the apprenticeship period, leading to the acquisition of sectoral specific knowledge, skills and competence
  • May 2014 Joint definition of Recognition procedures, valid at European level and trusted by companies and VET organisations, leading to the certification of the learning outcomes deriving from Apprenticeship
  • Sep. 2014 Definition of specific Guidelines for companies, i.e. how to implement quality standard apprenticeship
  • Dec. 2014 Definition of specific Guidelines for trainers, i.e. how to monitor, assess and certify the competencies acquired during the apprenticeship period.
Area of action: Supply
Area of action: Quality

VET organisations, Businesses, Research centres belonging to different European countries. In each country a coordinating partner will be the responsible for the definition of the national network, and for the implementation of the activities. The networks will be sector-focused.

National Commitments:Do also have a look at the national commitment of your country

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