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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Author:Innovation Centre for Vocational Training of Aragon (CIFPA)
Start Year:2019
José Antonio Navarro Márquez / Benjamín Luengo Torreblanca
janavarrom@cifpa.aragon.es / bluengo@cifpa.aragon.es
Types of organisation:Education and training providers

The key objective of the CIFPA is to promote apprenticeship in VET centres and companies of Aragon.

The Centre promotes apprenticeship opportunities in sectors such as agricultural, administration and finance, automotive, industrial maintenance, mechanical manufacturing, computer and communications, robotics, trade and marketing, logistics and transport, sports physical activities, health care, chemical industry, electricity and electronics, energy industry and water by organising apprenticeship promotion days, visits to companies and communication via CIFPA website, social media and events.

The CIFPA also promotes apprenticeship by being at the forefront of training VET centre and company tutors. The Centre also provides counselling on apprenticeship to clusters, companies and other VET centres.

We anticipate that our EAfA pledge will help us to extend and improve our knowledge and the range of services provided, including apprenticeship monitoring, assessment and feedback. This in turn will enhance the quality of apprenticeships in the region, including the quality of our tutors’ training and advice services that the Centre provides to clusters, companies and other VET centres. We also hope that other EAfA members can learn from our experience and good practices.

Short company / organisation description:

The Innovation Centre for Vocational Training of Aragon (CIFPA) aims to foster technological innovation in vocational training. The CIFPA is a reference point for VET teachers and acts as a nexus to promote collaboration between companies, students and employees engaged on vocational training.

The CIFPA is also a National Reference Centre and an innovation hub in the commercial logistics and transport management sector training. The Centre has considerable knowledge in this sector, maintains dialogue with its interest groups, provides, develops and updates vocational competencies and qualifications in this sector.

Area of action: Quality
Key activities: As we provide a wide range of services including apprenticeship projects monitoring, assessment and feedback, we aim to enhance apprenticeships quality by fostering the quality principles described in the EFQEA. The participation to the EAfA will enhance our knowledge of apprenticeships and allow us to improve the quality of our tutors’ training on apprenticeship, and our apprenticeship counselling services to clusters, companies and VET centres. The CIFPA’s involvement in the EAfA will also improve the competences of our advisors. Indicators: Number (and examples) of apprenticeship projects that have applied the EFQEA principles; number of VET and company tutors trained; number of advice services provided; increase in the share of tutors, companies and VET centres that report satisfaction with CIFPA advice services
Timeline: 17 months Target date: December 2020
Area of action: Image
Key activities: Fostering the image of apprenticeships through articles, news and additional content published and disseminated through the CIFPA website, social media, signage, etc… Indicators: number of relevant articles published; number of people reading the articles; number of relevant posts and reach on social media; number of events organised, number of participants to these events and the share of participants who report they are satisfied with the event.
Timeline: 17 months Target date: December 2020

·         Government of Aragón. They are responsible for financing, workforce management, strategy definition.

·         Automotive Cluster of Aragón. They involve companies in their sector in apprenticeship projects

·         Biochemical Cluster of Aragón. They involve companies in their sector in apprenticeship projects

·         Aeronautics Cluster of Aragón. They involve companies in their sector in apprenticeship projects

·         More than 250 companies are involved in hosting and tutoring apprentices.

·         And all the VET centres of Aragón promote apprenticeship projects and students tutoring in collaboration with companies.

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