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Author:dm drogerie markt
Country:European Union
Start Year:2019

Mag. Manuela Edermaier

Andrea Koch
Types of organisation:Companies and business organisations

Druggists (trainees who learn an apothecary-near profession, selling OTC medical products, beauty, baby and photography-products, and much more) have specific workshop days. Further workshops (including theater workshops) offer personal development opportunities. Moreover, dm also offers its trainees the chance to complete the school leaving certificate, work in other stores and take advantage of exciting work placements abroad. In Germany the apprentices are in addition offered the opportunity to run several dm-stores for about four weeks on their own as an apprentice-only group, without the regular staff on premise. Thus, finishing their vocational training with something known as a “journeyman’s piece”. 

The training to be a druggist is an important unique selling point of dm which we are very proud of and wherein we invest al lot. In the next two years, we will once again create a new image campaign. It is important for us to meet the youth at the place they are: social media for example. The campaign for druggist will also be used in our neighbouring countries to introduce or reinforce “Drogist” as a profession. Additionally, there will be a focus on onboarding, because the current selection methods need to be expanded in quality and the young persons need more support in the first three months of work. The goal is to use these first months to help them connect to the organization, to find out, that it is not just on paper, but that they can find their proper place to stay. 

Short company / organisation description:

dm drogerie-markt is the largest drugstore chain in Central and Eastern Europe. Our product range covers up to 19,300 drugstore items, including beauty, wellness, baby care, photography and household products. The sales mix is complemented by products such as pet food, small textiles and the ‘Four Seasons’ line. In Austria, dm drogerie markt also offers a strong service portfolio with dm hair salons and cosmetic studios for both female and male customers, reflecting its core expertise in the area of beauty and wellness. dm drogerie markt is Austria’s largest chain of hair salons and cosmetic studios. dm drogerie markt has stores in 13 European countries. In the founding country Germany, we count about 1,960 shops, the Austrian dm subgroup (Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Italy) consists of over 1,600 stores with an ever-increasing number. dm drogerie markt has over 61,000 employees. More than 760 trainees (apprentices) are currently employed by dm in Austria, over 3,600 in Germany. 

Area of action: Quality
The quality of our apprenticeships is of great importance to us. Our own curriculum (coupled with the legal job description) defines the training on the job (in the stores, in hair and cosmetic studios.) Additionally, we focus on further development at dm and a special learning culture: job-related and personal development as the goal. This is particularly reflected through the concept of “Lernbegleitung” (learning accompaniment) and visible through our large choice of workshops and seminars, as well as a considerable number of learning guides. We even have our own academies for hairdressers and beauticians
Timeline: Since 2001 and further on. Targets: Every druggist within dm can identify with the profession and the company There are job descriptions and acknowledged education standards in each dm-country.
Area of action: Image
The way of professional education (here: druggist) has a beacon function in the respective country. Every druggist in the company will represent dm and its role in the market. Over the past few years we have been working on an international project to introduce the Druggist profession in our neighbouring countries. In most of these countries it is currently not possible to educate within a dual system. Therefore the Druggists are educated in internal courses, which correspond to the Austrian trainee programme. Representatives from all the neighbouring countries (dm) have completed their training and certified exams in Austria. At present the first trainings in the countries are taking place: 40 participants have already completed this, 170 are currently in training. A further goal is the recognition of the profession in each of these countries. It was an internal dm project (ended in 2018), that’s why mostly internal documents exist. Enclosed is a press release from 2017.
Timeline: Since 2014 and further on.

For the apprenticeship programme we co-operate with the Austrian Economic Chamber of TradeCommerce and Industry/German IHK and vocational schools. Good networking is an important requirement for successful education. 


In the international profession training for Druggist we work with the Austrian Economic Chamber of TradeCommerce and Industry and also local institutes and schools. 

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