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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Author:Cosvitec S.C. a R.L.
Start Year:2019
Simona Puddu
Types of organisation:Non-profit/youth organisations

Cosvitec is strongly committed to providing quality services for companies, schools and young people in order to build a bridge that can efficiently connect Vocational Education and Training to the labour market.

Quality apprenticeships are the main tools for supporting the school-to-work transition of young people, enhancing their employability. Together with other forms of work-based learning, apprenticeships are proposed as solutions to fight youth unemployment and are central to the “Youth guarantee”. The New Skills Agenda for Europe (2016) highlighted the value of apprenticeships as ‘a proven springboard to good jobs and to developing labour market-relevant skills, including transversal and soft skills’.

In line with the European recommendations and objectives, our objectives are to:

  • Make VET more attractive,
  • Enhance mobility of VET learners through short-term and long-term apprenticeships in Italy and abroad,
  • Improve the quality of short term and long term apprenticeships abroad through the implementation of ECVET and EQAVET recommendations, working at regional and national level
  • Provide SMES with skilled labour forces.
Short company / organisation description:

Cosvitec is a non-profit Research, Higher education, VET and Vocational Guidance center, born in 2001 in Naples, Italy as a Consortium constituted by the University of Naples “Federico II” and SMEs. Cosvitecs’ key role and innovative character derives from the perfect match between research and entrepreneurship: our network includes University Departments and Small/Medium Enterprises. Cosvitec offers tangible formal/non-formal education and job opportunities to young people in search of qualification and specialization, through innovative courses that enable the learners to enter the labor market successfully.

The close collaboration with enterprises operating in many different sectors (agrifood, materials engineering, logistics, entrepreneurship, innovation, tourism) allows Cosvitec to provide master and training curricula, strongly anchored in the requirements of the market. Our goal is to meet youth needs for qualified educational planning, and ongoing assistance throughout the education and training and after that, through placement actions. 

We have also obtained a Certification as an Intermediary Job Agency and we are strongly involved in the Youth Guarantee Programme of the European Union. 

The different education and training activities offered and the relationship with representatives of different economic sectors, make Cosvitec a specialist in education and training provision, able to implement the most innovative methodologies, according to the constantly evolving market needs. 

Cosvitec project managers and training staff have 16 years of experience in project planning and implementation activities, such as:

  • Needs and context analysis, 
  • International projects writing and implementation, innovative curricula design and development,  internship, job shadowing and mobility programs, 
  • Innovative training methodologies  and tools implementation (non-formal education methods, MOOCs creation and implementation, work-based learning, Job Shadowing, Mentoring, higher education masterclasses, participate learning), 
  • Participants’ selections and preparation, 
  • Monitoring, evaluation, teachers and learners assessment, follow-up, dissemination materials, activities and events.  

Our experience in European projects under the Life Long Learning Programme (LLP), Erasmus+ mobility for VET, the Youth Guarantee Programme, strategic partnerships and Tempus demonstrates our focus on entrepreneurial related training with a focus on sustainable economic development. Our staff is composed of 13 experts in EU projects, training and career guidance, as well as research programs.

Area of action: Quality
1)Disseminate information on the apprenticeship contract and new opportunities available among the companies, the Vet schools and the SMEs of our network 2)In order to improve quality of apprenticeships we will work in definition and dissemination of specific guidelines for companies, trainers and VET schools on how to implement quality standard apprenticeship, in line with the European recommendations EFQEA 3) In the framework of ECVET, we are working towards the recognition of skills acquired during the apprenticeships by establishing partnerships with regional authorities responsible of skills recognition and by designing our units of learning in line with the units of learning of the regional qualifications.
2020 we will define guidelines and info packs and share with our network of companies, SMEs, trainers and VET schools and start newslettering and dissemination through our Erasmus+ events (at least 2 each year at regional and national level from 2020) 3) 2021 we will sign an agreement with local authorities responsible for recognition of skills acquired
Area of action: Mobility
Mobility activities are one of our focuses. We send approximately 100 VET students abroad, for WBL programmes, for a minimum of 4 weeks. Our goal is: - To help our students in finding apprenticeships opportunities abroad with the support of Erasmus PRO
In 3 years to have Erasmus PRO with apprenticeships contracts abroad (4%)
Partners:VET schools, public authorities involved in skills and qualifications recognition, companies and SMEs.

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