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Author:Asociacion Mundus
Start Year:2019

Beatrice Bellet 



Types of organisation:Non-profit/youth organisations

Our main objective is to work on the supply and quality of apprenticeship mobility, by improving our management of international training and mobility projects.

Short company / organisation description:

Mundus association is a non-profit organization established in 2013 in Spain. Now it has offices in Spain in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona), Girona and Zaragoza, and in Bulgaria and Malta. Mundus’ aim is to promote intercultural learning, volunteering and non-formal education.
The mission of the organization is to prepare young people to successfully meet the challenges of the nowadays society by empowering them through international learning experiences. 
The main activities of Mundus consist of managing international training and mobility projects like internships, apprenticeships, volunteering, youth exchanges and training courses. 

Mundus has an extensive experience in mobility projects and has sent more than 400 EVS volunteers (European Voluntary Service) and 500 participants for Youth Exchanges, internships, and apprenticeships in companies in more than 36 countries. During the last years, Mundus has specialized in international mobility for vocational training centres. Every year the organisation is sending abroad an average of 200 learners to complete internships and apprenticeships in a country of the European Union.  At the same time, Mundus is hosting over 1000 learners in Spain every year. Mundus is working with a network of companies in Aragon and Catalonia, which are committed to support practical learning of young Europeans. The network includes companies from all professional fields thus making this opportunity available to as many learners as possible. 

Area of action: Supply
Targets: VET students for apprenticeships Activities: - Sending activity (training before the mobility) and acknowledgement of the EUROPASS mobility document and EUROPASS CV. - Hosting internships (On Arrival Training and tutorizing, accommodation, follow-up …) More than 400 youngsters sent abroad and more than 1000 VET students received in Zaragoza. - Hosting apprenticeships under specific demand (network of entreprises and centres for dual training in many specialisations). Main sectors: Logistics, tourism, agro-alimentary industry, hospitality, ICTs
Hosting during the whole year Sending between march and October 2019
Area of action: Quality
Perfect follow-up of the internships and apprenticeships and valorisation of the improved employability. Mundus has a very experienced and competent staff in dual training and know how to find the better tandem between the enterprise and the training centre adapted to the sector demanded.
The whole year
Area of action: Mobility
This part is the core of our organisation as we deal with apprenticeships with mobility experience as part of the apprenticeship. We can provide an extended network among various countries which can provide a place where to have an internship and apprenticeship for students from any professional specialities. (Spain, Bulgaria, Malta and Poland)
During the whole year

Asociacion Mundus is located in Spain (two delegations in Zaragoza and Barcelona)

Asociación Mundus also has offices in Bulgaria and Malta to support hosting services for a learning movilities.

A network of more than 400 entreprises for hosting apprentices for internships abroad for a period between 1 month and 3 months

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