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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Country:European Union
Start Year:2019

Margaux MEIDINGER, Chairwoman of PostEurop CSR Circle


Botond SZEBENY, Secretary General, PostEurop


Types of organisation:Companies and business organisations

PostEurop pledges to further enhance its commitment to improve the image of apprenticeships in the postal sector in Europe. In a fast-evolving sector, it is essential to bring in new skills and train young adults to the numerous professions offered in the postal sector. In this sense apprenticeship directly contributes to a better matching between competences’ and jobs’ needs in and outside the postal sector. This will be done in particular by: ​

  • Including the topic of apprenticeship in PostEurop’s CSR Circle annual work programme, by ensuring that apprenticeship is taken on board in the different EU-funded projects, discussions and communications.
  • Promoting the exchange of good practices on apprenticeships among PostEurop members, which offer practical work experience and train numerous apprentices every year enabling to increase their employability. This will result in the publication of a dedicated “Brochure on apprenticeship in the postal sector”, which will enable to collect, promote and exchange concrete initiatives from our members- postal operators- on apprenticeship practices. This brochure will focus on the results and added-value of apprenticeship for postal companies.
  • Promoting apprenticeship in the framework of our work on inter-generational management conducted by the Training Working Group of the CSR Circle. For this purpose, the topic of apprenticeship will be under focus in the next funding demand submitted in the framework of Erasmus + for our Innov’age II project (2018-2021).
Short company / organisation description:

PostEurop is the trade association that has been representing European public postal operators since 1993.

Its 52 members in 49 countries and territories collectively operate 175,000 retail counters, employ 2.1 million people and link 800 million people daily. PostEurop unites its members and promotes greater cooperation, sustainable growth and continuous innovation. PostEurop is also an officially recognised Restricted Union of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), which has 192 member-countries worldwide.

Postal operators in Europe are among the biggest employers in each country; they therefore have a particular responsibility and potential in offering quality apprenticeships.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Circle of PostEurop which gathers- through relevant working groups and projects- HR, training, environment and CSR experts from postal companies all over Europe aims at being a forum for exchanging good practices and building a knowledge centre. It provides PostEurop members with the ability to ensure the fulfilment of their social responsibility in all its facets. This relates, among others, to several activities/ initiatives ensuring qualitative employment, supporting training and evolution of competences and improving the social environment in the sector through co-operation with trade unions.

Area of action: Image
Improving the image of apprenticeship in the European postal sector among our members and towards external stakeholders will enable to: • Get an overview of the different apprenticeship practices put in place by our members and share good practices and outcomes as a source of inspiration for postal companies as a whole and for HR departments in particular. This will be achieved through a collection of good practices to publish e a “Brochure on apprenticeship in the postal sector”; • Raise awareness among our members, especially within Eastern countries, on quality apprenticeship and its added value towards implementing the post’s economic and social role; • Improve the visibility and attractiveness of the sector as an employer of choice, in particular among younger generations; • Contribute to a better matching between future skills and jobs in and outside the postal sector; • Enhance the interaction between different generations, thus enabling current postal workforce to develop and exercise their mentoring and coaching skills while receiving valuable input from young apprentices. This will be done in the framework of the Innov’Age II project (depending on EC approval of funding demand) on intergenerational management.
Dates: end of 2019-early 2020 Targets: 52 postal companies (HR experts in particular) members of PostEurop and external stakeholders: EC, EAfa members Dates : 2019-2020 Targets: PostEurop members, especially from Eastern countries Long-term commitment Dates: 2019-2021 (project implementation) Targets: postal companies’ employees and apprentices ; other sectors

PostEurop CSR Circle and especially its Training Working Group

Voluntary postal companies among the 52 European public postal operators, members of PostEurop

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