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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Author:Austrian Federal Railways – Infrastructure (ÖBB – Infrastruktur AG)
Start Year:2018

Günter Hell, Prof. Dipl.-Päd. (Public owner/signatory to the commitment)

Stephan Baufeld (daily business contact), Stephan.Baufeld@oebb.at

Types of organisation:Companies and business organisations

1.       ÖBB – Infrastruktur AG undertakings are an integral part of a wider initiative known as the "Alliance for YOUth" in which ÖBB – Infrastruktur AG has partnered with Nestlé S.A. and a group of other premier companies in a private sector initiative that is specifically designed to address youth unemployment in Europe. We pledge to recruit und educate over 1,800 apprentices in total within a four-year period (2019-2022) to further increase the supply of high-quality apprenticeships in central Europe.

2.       Furthermore, we will continue to enhance the quality of our training personnel through an ISO 17024 certification and education programme in coming years. 

3.       In addition, we offer apprentice training in soft skills in specialised courses. These skills include creating a successful job application, team working, conflict management, customer focus, communication skills and general railway knowledge.

4.       Those apprentices who want to further their education and skills while attending our apprenticeship programme can access the training model “Apprenticeship and Matura”. This model creates opportunities for the future employees to move into more senior roles by acquiring a master craftsman degree, for example, or gaining access to the TVE (Technical and Vocational Education) exam or the higher education entrance exam, all of which are prerequisites for taking up studies at colleges, universities, "Fachhochschulen", post-secondary courses and post-secondary colleges. We pledge to dismantle barriers apprentices face in pursuing their goals and encourage young people to seek further education.

Short company / organisation description:

We are pioneers of modern and customer-oriented rail transport in Austria. We plan, develop, maintain and operate rail infrastructure, and ensure punctuality, security, cleanliness and open access to the rail system. We thereby provide the right conditions for an efficient and reliable mobility service for our 459 million passengers and the transportation of 115 million tonnes of goods to their destination in an environmentally-friendly way.

To achieve our goals, we recruit and educate new generations of practitioners with specific railway-related knowledge in specialised training facilities throughout Austria, and offer substantial on-the-job training, with expert guidance by our training personnel. This is accompanied by compulsory attendance at a part-time vocational school for apprentices. Apprenticeship training in Austria is also referred to as a "dual vocational training system" or "dual system" for short.

Area of action: Supply
Area of action: Quality

·         Members of the “Alliance for YOUth”

·         VET schools

·         Education partners and networks

·         Public Employment Service Austria

·         National authorities and government

·         Youth associations

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