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Author:Hotel Sacher Salzburg Betriebsgesellschaft mbH
Start Year:2018

Ms. Mette Bjerregaard, mbjerregaard@sacher.com

Types of organisation:Companies and business organisations

Due to the skills shortage in the hotel and restaurant industry the education of new employees, especially the vocational education of apprentices, is very important to us. We want to make sure that in future the hotel industry will have enough qualified employees. Therefore we take on at least 12 new apprentices every year in August. We have already successfully trained hundreds of apprentices in three different professions: cook, pastry cook, waiter and assistant in hotel & restaurant industry.

We not only support the vocational education, but also support our apprentices in participations of competitions and contests with knowledge and time for training.

We also have our own schooling system “Sacher School of Excellence”. This includes special education for our apprentices in the “Apprentice Academy”. Within this academy the apprentices have to participate in certain trainings throughout their 3 years of apprenticeship, in order to gain further professional knowledge, but also develop further personal skills. With our “Sacher School of Excellence” we are constantly improving our offer in trainings and education and therefore also improving the “Apprentice Academy”.

The Hotel Sacher Salzburg also supports the apprentices in trainings for their final exam and takes over all costs for this. We also support the additional education necessary for apprentices to also take their maturity exam, if they wish.

Our  apprentices are given the following project every year to complete on their own: “Apprentices invite for lunch”. As a team they have to organize the whole event, from the planning, including purchasing of all items within the given budget, to the realization of the event until the final cleanup and follow up with the managers.

With all this additional training and education we want to improve their professional and personal skills, which will help them either stay in our company or find it easy to find a new job elsewhere, as our industry is international and jobs are available all over the world.

Further more we participate in various competitions with our apprentices. At school they take part in “cheese sommelier”, or “barista” competitions; nationally they take part in “Amuse Bouche”, an Austrian competition where a cook and waiter have to show their professional skills to a jury, as well as prepare and serve as a team a complete dinner for 6 guests.

We also take our apprentices on outings to various suppliers, so they can broaden their knowledge outside our hotel, such as wineries, farmers and other local suppliers.

We also support another kind of vocational education from the ÖHV (Austrian Hotelier Association). The ÖHV Trainee Tourismcollege is a programme which includes schooling periods as well as practical experience in partner hotels and takes 2 years to successfully complete.

We also cooperate very closely with hotel management schools in Austria.

Short company / organisation description:

The Hotel Sacher Salzburg is a 5 Star Superior Hotel with 111 suites and rooms with all services, as well as three restaurants, one café, one bar and banquet facilities. It is also a member of “The Leading Hotels of the World” and since 1988 operated and owned by the Family Sacher/Gürtler. Our guests come from all over the world, as well as our employees and apprentices. Since 1988 we are training our apprentices to become specialists in their fields and therefore to cope with the skills shortage in our industry.

We are famous, not only for our excellent service and guest experience, but also well known throughout the world because of our “Original Sacher-Torte”. The “Original Sacher-Torte” is produced in our manufactory in Vienna still by hand following the original recipe from 1832.

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