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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Start Year:2018

HARALD PROCHAZKA-Geschäftsführer, h.prochazka@figlmueller.at

Types of organisation:Companies and business organisations

We pledge to provide the finest and personal service to our guests, while doing that, we will support and mentor the youth which is our future. We will set standards to help them achieve their goals. We will develop new talent each year and provide them with the tools to be successful.

By applying trust, honesty, respect and integrity we maximize the talent to the benefit of each individual.

We pledge to provide more opportunities for young people to assist them in gaining experiences and building a foundation for their future.

In order to provide more opportunities, we will take part in yearly Youth/Job fairs and give them the opportunity to get a taste and an insight of what their future could look like and to be able to set some prints for their future.

Short company / organisation description:

It was back then in 1905 that Johann Figlmüller opened a small wine tavern on Wollzeile, right behind St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Right from the start it stood for the unparalleled Viennese way of life: a restaurant that was always a fine place to chat and celebrate and that had a great menu and select local wines. And, of course, the original rendition of the schnitzel.

The brothers Hans Jr. and Thomas Figlmüller are still maintaining the tradition which is now in its fourth Figlmüller generation.

Whether schnitzel, goulash, Tafelspitz (Viennese-style boiled beef), apple strudel or Powidltascherl (dumplings filled with plum jam), the culinary diversity of the Imperial city of Vienna is second to none among European cities.

Viennese cuisine evolved during the last third of the 18th century during the transition from the courtly to civil society.

Unlike early times, at the end of the decade it was no longer about abundance, but rather about economics and taste. The recipes from Austria, Hungary, Bohemia and Moravia were blended with each other and today reflect this diversity.

Today the company hosts five restaurants in the city Center as well as one coffeeshop at the Vienna International Airport. Figlmüller develops between 30 to 40 apprentices a year in the kitchen as well as in the restaurant.

Together with schools we work to give the young people the opportunity to build their careers in a successful industry.

Area of action: Quality

We will continue to work together with schools from not just Austria but all over the world and our vendors to encourage young people to learn each day.

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