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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Author:Albanian Skills
Start Year:2018

Ana Zacharian, Co-Founder & CEO

ana.zacharian@gmail.com; albanianskills@gmail.com

Types of organisation:Non-profit/youth organisations

Albanian Skills pledges:

-          To raise awareness among businesses on apprenticeships as a successful form of work-based learning around the country and promote work-based learning as part of young learners’ studies. To this end, Albanian skills will take an active role, and engage in extensive networking with different stakeholders.

-          To support and facilitate the processes where young people, VSD (vocational skills development) providers and companies can develop and implement quality apprenticeships.

-          To offer young learners apprenticeships opportunities within our organisation /institution in some selected fields of digital and administration skills

-          To enhance the mobility through joint partnerships on apprenticeships

Short company / organisation description:

In the framework of the “Albanian National Skills Competitions” association, Albanian Skills promotes skills in Albania. Through this sole unique initiative in organising Skills Competitions in the country, we aim to improve the recognition and status of vocational education and training in the Albanian society. Our vision is to become a WorldSkills member soon, thus supporting young Albanian talents to be exposed to international VET & employment standards, increasing the learning and employment opportunities among young people, and enhancing mobility and attractiveness of VET. 

Albanian Skills is setting the scene for the development of the Albanian Apprenticeship System, which does not yet exist. What is lacking is the involvement of the private sector in taking responsibility for apprenticeships or any other forms of work based learning. Albanian Skills, through yearly National Skills Competitions, is influencing private sector and businesses to take this responsibility. We do this by promoting work-based learning and on-the-job-training and through different internships opportunities offered as prizes in the competitions.

Different companies offer traineeship opportunities to the best talented young people as prizes of the National Skills Competitions. In successful cases, these traineeships opportunities are turned into excellent employment opportunities for the young participants, as the process goes through very careful selection processes from the body of the experts during the competitions and in compliance with the technical standards of the host companies.

Area of action: Supply
Area of action: Image
Area of action: Mobility

National Employment Services

National Vocational Education and Training Agency;

Public and private VET schools & providers

Chambers of Commerce, Youth and Professional Organisations

Businesses and Companies (at least 25-30 are in the current network)

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