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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Istituto Tecnico Vittorio Emanuele III - PalermoTechnical institute “Vittorio Emanuele III”

Organisation name:Istituto Tecnico Vittorio Emanuele III - PalermoTechnical institute “Vittorio Emanuele III”
Type of organisation:Education and training providers
Organisation operations:Education and training
Start date:01/01/2018
Contact person(s):

Giovanni Marchese, former Headmaster, marschese.giovanni@alice.it

Carmelo Ciringione, new Headmaster, ciringione.carmelo@gmail.com

Presentation of the member:
Istituto Tecnico is hosting 1800 students in Mechatronics and ICT at upper secondary level. Currently 100 of these students are covered by apprenticeship contracts. Furthermore, the Istituto is hosting a fabrication laboratory (FabLab) and an incubator. 

The FabLab provides the possibility of developing and transforming ideas into real projects, as well as the possibility of learning and sharing methodologies and technical knowledge in a practical way. In the FaBLab, we are for example building a racing boat with 3D printing in carbon fibre. The Istituto is also hosting an Enterprise Incubator. The incubator is named LATI, and is the first business incubator in an upper secondary school with the aim of encouraging the students to develop business culture and skills. The incubator accelerates the development of new businesses, thanks to a series of services with high added value, such as, for example, offices to be used by the students, as well as advice on:

-          Contributions to the definition of a valid business plan;

-          monitoring of loans;

-          networking with other companies;

-          marketing and communication.

Description of the Pledge:

Istituto Tecnico pledges to:

·         Further increase the number of students covered by apprenticeship contracts, for meaningful work-based learning experiences.

·         Through our participation in the EAfA, we aim to get to know about other experiences in Europe and to share ours.

·         Strengthen the quality of apprenticeships. The Incubator and the FabLab are tools to improve the quality of education and the relationship with the world of work. They are part of our own response, along with the apprenticeships, to societal changes of the last 20 years.

·         Building upon the experience of participation in Erasmus+, we are also committed to explore the opportunities of long-term mobility with ErasmusPro.

Pledged to increase the supply of apprenticeships
Pledged to improve the quality of apprenticeships
Pledged to contribute to the mobility of apprenticeships
The region of Sicily, institutionally competent for VET and Apprenticeships: For the Region of Sicily we have responded to the call for proposals for projects on VET and apprenticeships. 
For the Ministry, we are now the leading partner for other projects in Italy. 


Confindustria and other local Employer Federations willing to employ and host students as apprentices during their last years of secondary schools.


Anpal Servizi, the agency for active labour policies (public employment service) and its division for the study-work transition is our partner for the dissemination of initiatives: For strengthening the connections and the network with all the stakeholders of the labour market; regional planning tools; productive cluster of the region composed mainly of small and very small enterprises.

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