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Author:Suomen Oppisopimusosaajat ry (Association of Apprenticeship Experts in Finland)
Start Year:2018

Anu Haapasalo, Vice-Chairman, anu.haapasalo@kpedu.fi

Types of organisation:Professional bodies and networks

Suomen Oppisopimusosaajat ry is committed to promote the professional skills and expertise needed to organize apprenticeship training in Finland. Our ambition is to increase the number of apprenticeships and to develop the quality of work-based learning. In order to contribute to and facilitate this development, we have a wide range of activities:


Suomen Oppisopimusosaajat ry organizes two professional seminars per year with the aim of improving the quality of apprenticeship training at local, district and national level.  In addition it is actively involved in development projects related to apprenticeship training. 


The association is promoting the attractiveness of apprenticeships, as well as a positive image among adults and young people and their employers, through awareness raising campaigns such as the Finnish Apprenticeship Week. The Finnish Apprenticeship week is organized the same week as the European Vocational Skills Week. The Apprenticeship Week consists of webinars, seminars and other events, which are held all over Finland. Most of the events will be registered as a part of the European Vocational Skills Week. Information on the quality of apprenticeship is also shared on the association's website and in press releases.


The association works closely with the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and other stakeholders in the education sector and takes a role in the development of policies and norms guiding the quality of apprenticeship training in Finland. Finnish legislation on vocational training was reformed at the start of 2018. Vocational training regulations and funding were also reformed. The Council of the European Union´s recommendation for a European Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships (EFQEA) provides a good basis for further development of the quality of apprenticeship training in Finland. The association commits to promote the content of the recommendation in Finland.


Suomen Oppisopimusosaajat ry is committed to promote the European Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships (EFQEA). The most significant aspects that the association will promote and work on are the EFQEA set of criteria for learning and working conditions, which include the written agreement (criteria 1) andpedagogical support (criteria 3),  and most importantly concerning the framework conditions quality assurance and tracking of apprentices (criteria 14). Suomen Oppisopimusosaajat ry is participating as a member of the committee in Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture in writing quality strategy for Finnish vocational education. In this context the association strives to take into account and to promote the contents of the EFQEA.

Short company / organisation description:

The purpose of Suomen Oppisopimusosaajat ry is to develop and promote the quality of Finnish apprenticeship training and to increase the number of apprenticeships. The benefit of Finnish apprenticeship training is its practical working life orientation and excellent employment rate. Apprenticeship training in Finland is a form of learning at work and it is possible to arrange for both young persons and adults. The employment rate for both young and adults completing apprenticeship training is significantly higher than for other types of VET qualifications.


The association promotes quality competence in apprenticeship training for secondary vocational education institutions and promotes cooperation between members of the association.

Area of action: Quality
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The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, training providers all over Finland, Finnish VET students, VET teachers and trainers, employers and other associations involved in apprenticeship training.

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