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OZPŠaV of Slovakia (Trade Union of Workers in Education and Science of Slovakia)

Organisation name:OZPŠaV of Slovakia (Trade Union of Workers in Education and Science of Slovakia)
Type of organisation:Social partners
Organisation operations:Education and training, Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities, Other sector(s)
* Others Sector: Representative organisation
Start date:01/01/2018
Contact person(s):

Juraj Stodolovský, Mgr., stodolovsky@ozpsav.sk

Presentation of the member:

We are a trade union representing teachers and other educational personnel at all levels of education and all types of schools in Slovakia including VET schools. We are a founding member of ETUCE (European Trade Union Committee for Education) and EI (Education International) and are a representative in the European sectoral social dialogue in education. We are the only one respectable social partner in the Slovak education sector promoting improvement of the professional status of the teachers' profession and working conditions of other educational personnel. We actively engage in social dialogue, legislative procedures and other activities related to the education system in Slovakia. We also organise accredited life-long learning courses to enhance the knowledge and skills of our members. Our vice-president is a member of a governmental committee for VET influencing the discussion on the main challenges within the topic. We cooperate on different projects and activities with a wide range of partners mainly in education or the public sector.

Description of the Pledge:

Social dialogue, negotiations, supporting activities – protests, strikes, projects, seminars, conferences, advising members, PR, campaigns, communication, international activities, information dissemination. Regarding the VET system we regularly participate in the legislation process on proposing new laws and cooperate with government in implementing new rules. The VET Act from 2015 has been amended recently and we have promoted some important changes enabling schools and companies to enter easier into the system.  The amendment introduces incentives to support school-company cooperation and improve the state support of such cooperation. We organise seminars and conferences on this topic. We have recently participated in the project Unions4VET organised by our German colleagues from the Vocational Advancement Service (´bfw´). We also organise round tables to get all relevant stakeholders together and provide them with the space to exchange opinions and solve problems.

Pledged to increase the supply of apprenticeships
Pledged to improve the quality of apprenticeships
Pledged to enhance the image of apprenticeships
Government representatives, NGOs, regional authorities.
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