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Organisation name:starlim//sterner
Type of organisation:Business – Large Companies
Organisation operations:Manufacturing
Start date:01/01/2018
Contact person(s):

Reinhard Koch, Manager Apprenticeships


Presentation of the member:

starlim//sterner is still a family-owned enterprise, led by the proprietors since the company's foundation in 1974. A staff of 1 350 now works in the company. We prefer long-term co-operations, regardless whether we speak of clients, suppliers or our own staff. Since 1976 starlim//sterner trains their apprentices to qualify for specialist in their respective fields.

We concentrate on mass production. As an international group, active in Austria, Canada, China, Italy and Germany, we produce more than 14 billion silicone parts per annum. starlim//sterner is a contract manufacturer, B2B supplier and TIER-2 and TIER-3 supplier for the automotive industry and the world's largest processor of liquid silicone rubber.

Description of the Pledge:

Franz Sterner decided to take on the first apprentice in 1976, just two years after the company was founded. Since then, apprenticeship training has been an integral part of the company’s success. More than 200 apprentices have been trained in 10 occupations over the last 40 years. 100 of these are still employed at the company. Examples of types of occupations are plastics moulding expert, mechatronics expert, technical designer specialising in toolmaking technology.


Franz Sterner GesmbH (today STERNER Werkzeugbau GmbH) received a state award for its services to apprenticeship training in 2008. We are awarded the Austrian coat of arms in accordance with Article 30a of the Education Act. Furthermore starlim//sterner is awarded by „Great Place to Start“ and „Inneo“. “Great Place to Start” is an award voted by anonymous apprentices; they rate the support from their trainers, the atmosphere in the company, etc. “Inneo” is an award from The Federal Economic Chamber in Upper Austria for companies who show extraordinary engagement in apprenticeship training.


The company is continuously improving the quality of apprenticeships, increasing the number of apprentices (approximately 30 apprentices per year) and apprenticeship profiles. In particular, innovative measures for attracting young people will be further developed as well as measures to increase the share of female apprentices. Concerning the practical training of the apprentice in the company the training quality will be permanently improved in terms of professional as well as social skills with additional training and supporting offers, incentives, mobility offers.
For example, we offer security trainings or driver safety trainings for our apprentices.


The company is aiming at the best training of their apprentices and offers possibilities to pass additionally maturity exam, in order to increase career chances of their apprentices and to support their talents.  Furthermore for the instructors in the company are training offers available to permanently improve the quality of the work.

Pledged to increase the supply of apprenticeships
Pledged to improve the quality of apprenticeships
Pledged to enhance the image of apprenticeships

Vocational school (joint projects, infrastructure), various local schools (Praktika, infodays etc), Federal Economic Chamber in Upper Austria (apprenticeship office), employment service center, adult training providers, roundtable of instructors, training institute for vocational teachers.

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