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Author:Allianz S.P.A.
Start Year:2018

Letizia Barbi


Types of organisation:Companies and business organisations

With this project Allianz Italy aims to offer to the Italian students a unique opportunity to enter the labor market in advance and it is hoped that other peers will follow this example. We will be happy to share our successful experience with other companies.
During the dual period Allianz offers a part time (30%) indefinite "apprenticeship" contract (which means 2 years), which can be extended immediately after obtaining the Maturita school leaving certificate for an entire "practical period" in the company (1 year). After this 3 year period Allianz is free to evaluate the permanent hiring.

The young person gains practical experience in the company during the last 2 years of the High School year (in Italy 4th and 5th year out of 5): on average 3 days per month, for a total 22 days, during which we offer training on soft skills (usually not taught and experienced at school in Italy), such as team working, decision taking, communication both in Italian and in English, as well as technical knowledge including insurance and financial topics, balance sheets, organization.
In addition, each department of the company gives a short presentation of the activity managed and proposes a business case (using real activity) to the apprentices, asking them to solve the case in small groups. This allows the students to approach, know and practice 'fin a real working life situation" and in a very concrete way the different activities and topics which are typical of our Company.
The young person obtains practical experience during the school summer holidays in the last 2 years of the High School: 11 weeks from mid-June to mid-September (with a break of 3 weeks in August), in which the apprentices are assigned to one of our Department (both technical and staff) for a more practical training and working period.
During the second year in the company the apprentices, divided in small groups, develop a project work on company topics; the project will be presented for the Maturitå (school leaving certificate); part of activities related to this project work will also be performed in smart working.
At the end of the 2 year program the apprentices stayed in the company for a total period of more than 150 working days plus the activity performed in smart work.


Short company / organisation description:Allianz Italy is one of the major Italian insurers and is part of the Allianz SE Group, world leader in insurance and asset management, with over 140 thousand employees, serving over 88 million clients in 70 countries worldwide. In Italy, second insurance market for the Group after Germany, Allianz Italy operates with approximately 5,000 employees, serving over 7 million clients, through a multi-channel distribution network, consisting of 25,000 people, including agents and their collaborators, financial advisors, bank insurers and Genialloyd, a market leader in direct sales.
Area of action: Quality
Area of action: Image
  • Schools (High schools and VET schools – the latter only limited to accounting and marketing): the project allows them to integrate in a very concrete way the school subjects with the skills developed in the company and knowledge of the real activities performed in the insurance and financial industry in a very stimulating context for the learners.
  • Students (apprentices): they obtain a real competitive advantage compared with their peers and allow them to be much better prepared when they finally enter in the labor market; at the end of the program, they receive the certified title of "Junior Specialist in Insurance and Financial Services".
  • Allianz company/Allianz employees: the contact between the two environments (young students aged 16-17 years and the employees) is very fruitful; it is an excellent opportunity for dialogue and exchange among different generations.

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