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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Author:Scuola Centrale Formazione
Start Year:2018

Rita Festi, project design manager



Types of organisation:Professional bodies and networks

Among SCF’s strategic objectives fixed for the period 2017-2020, the following two are closely connected with the promotion of apprenticeships:
1) Fostering DUAL training programmes and;
2) Increasing youth employment by improving labour market services.

SCF’s main goals are to support its associated members nationwide to:

  • Adopt common methodological standards for dual training aimed at a vocational qualification (at the end of 3 and 4 years of vocational training learning pathways – "Istruzione e Formazione Professionale – IeFP").
  • Support qualification of staff involved in the provision of work-based learning schemes, including apprenticeships.
  • Provide our members with tools to simplify apprenticeship planning and management processes.
  • Promote apprenticeship mobility in the EU.

Key activities to reach these goals are:

  • Organisation of training for our members’ staff, also using the Erasmus+ programme.
  • Sharing of common methodological standards and support to our associated members to apply them to their training offer and apprenticeship schemes.
  • Development of tools to simplify access, management and evaluation of apprenticeships. These tools will be further adapted based on SCF’s methodology, tools and ICT platform adopting the ECVET approach already tested with almost 200 people, as described.
  • Planning and implementation of the mobility for apprentices in the framework of our Erasmus+ VET Mobility Charter.
Short company / organisation description:

The Scuola Centrale Formazione (SCF) is a private no-profit organisation joining together 46 organisations managing about 100 VET centres distributed in 11 regions in the North, Centre and South of Italy. The Ministry of Labour recognizes SCF as a national training association. SCF is also registered under the National Register for Research Institutes, and the Ministry of Labour as national labour intermediation agency. SCF is certified under ISO standards.

SCF works primarily to offer a representative support and an effective coordinating action to all associates, with a specific interest in methodologies, innovation, training of the trainers and transfer of best practices. The last balance sheet approved by the Association’s Assembly in 2017 sets the activity budget at about 3,189,601.00 EUR. SCF’s members implemented 16,631,731 hours of training in 2017 (that is 1,387 courses/programmes) for 25,215 young trainees (mostly aged 14-17) and 2,194 staff involved (1,387 are trainers).

All VET programmes adopt work-based learning schemes and for some years now also include apprenticeships. Since the reform of apprenticeships in Italy (Legislative Decree n.81/2015), SCF has been actively animating and participating in the national research-action named “La nostra via duale” (seehttp://www.lanostraviaduale.it/chi-siamo/enti-nazionali/), grouping the ten most important national associations of VET providers. During the first year of experimentation of the new dual system in 2016-2017, more than 950 young learners were involved; among them 94 were in apprenticeships.

Since 2001, SCF has promoted mobility abroad within the Leonardo da Vinci programme and Erasmus Key Action 1 for 2,392 people, of which 1,727 young people in initial vocational training, 160 young graduates and 529 VET professionals. In 2015, SCF obtained the VET Mobility Charter. Since 2014, SCF has also hosted 230 EU VET learners (in-coming projects), mainly from Spain and France. Since 2013, SCF has been actively involved through its national funds in the development and testing of the ECVET approach and tools applied to learning mobilities (pilot initiative named “GORES”). The GORES model is learning-outcome based and it includes Toolkits which have been tested with about 100 IVET learners and 80 VET professionals up until today.

SCF has been participating as promoter or partner in 40 EU projects, 9 of which are still running, financed by different EU funds (ERASMUS+, Interreg Italia/Croatia, Interreg Italia/Slovenia, Europe for Citizens) thus creating a network of partners in 27 countries.

Area of action: Supply
Area of action: Quality
Area of action: Mobility

SCF will mainly cooperate with its usual network of partners including:

  • Key staff from our associate member organisations
  • Our associated members’ networks of companies and their associations
  • Methodological experts from research institutions or universities, particularly IUSVE (http://www.iusve.it)
  • ADAPT – Association for International and Comparative Studies in the field of Labour law and Industrial relations (http://www.adapt.it)
  • Our network of EU partners who we collaborate with within the Erasmus+ mobilities, especially Generalitat de Catalunya and Xunta de Galicia with whom SCF signed agreements to promote and support quality of mobilities.


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