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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Author:Ankara Chamber of Industry
Start Year:2018
Contact:Assoc. Prof. Yavuz CABBAR
Types of organisation:Chambers of Commerce, industry and crafts
Description:Ankara Chamber of Industry is working for meeting the needs of industry in terms of obtaining and maintaining qualified employees through various vocational and technical trainings and hence increasing employment in Turkey.
In the framework of the initiatives taken, the Chamber is conducting a project funded by Erasmus+ in cooperation with Eurochambres and a number of Chambers throughout Europe called as AC4SME so as to learn from the experiences of other Chambers on apprenticeship. 
The aim of the project is to share knowledge and experience among participating chambers and establish a European wide network on promoting apprenticeship. While sharing knowledge and experience, chambers are provided consultancy about apprenticeship.
In the context of the project, a focus group meeting has been conducted so as to identify the challenges faced by SMEs with regards to apprenticeship and find out suitable tools and support mechanisms for them in apprenticeship training and education.
Moreover the project personnel of the Chamber participated in trainings held in Germany on the introduction of apprenticeship systems and vocational education. Additionally in the frame of project activities, the needs of SMEs were determined for apprenticeship and implementations and legislations of different countries were documented.
The project will be finalized in late 2018 and by the conclusion of the project, 100 companies will be contacted, at least 10 companies will be supported and encouraged for apprenticeship and all necessary documents will be uploaded to the project website which will also be available in Turkish.
There is an excessively high unqualified workforce and industry is in need of qualified employees. So as to find a solution to unemployment rising from discrepancy between demand and supply in labour market, “Specialized Vocation Providing Centers – Skill’10 Project” has been developed in Turkey and our Chamber is the coordinator of the project in Ankara province. The project is itself a mobilization for providing skills and jobs and aims at strengthening the educational infrastructure, preparing a labour force needs analysis, twinning studies, organizing new courses when necessary.
Additionally, another initiative of the Chamber for job guaranteed vocational education is the “Vocational Education Project in Cooperation with the Industry”.  By this project, which is composed of a long term and short term vocational education model, a new approach is adopted for education and industry and efficient cooperation is ensured.
Moreover “Erkunt Educational Centre” was established in the 1st Organized Industrial Zone of the Chamber with a view to carry out training and education activities in the context of the above mentioned project. The Centre is a venue for various training and implementation activities of different private and public institutions in Ankara by a cooperation protocol.
Another facility of the Chamber is “ASO Technical College” and it is the first of its kind as a special vocational high school owned by the Chamber. All students have a full scholarship and get education in fully equipped laboratories and classrooms, participate at national and international fairs, training in a real business environment.
Short company / organisation description:

Ankara Chamber of Industry was established in 1963 for industrial development and industry based growth and works for ensuring the efficiency of the industry along with 32 occupational groups and over 8000 members as well as two established Organized Industrial Zones and a Technology Development Zone.

Ankara Chamber of Industry undertakes a pioneering role on the province’s and Turkey’s economic, technological, social and cultural development by ensuring that industrialists from Ankara produce high value added products and increase their competitiveness with a vision to make Ankara a leader in industry and technology.

Through this vision the Chamber works for developing of social, cultural policies, projects and means of cooperation and making Ankara an attraction centre for industrial investments. Moreover the Chamber is carrying out projects on the development of international competitiveness of the industrial sectors namely plastics, medical, furniture, nuclear industries as well as on supporting employment and promoting entrepreneurship.

Area of action: Supply
Area of action: Quality
Area of action: Image
Area of action: Mobility
Partners:Organized industrial zones, relevant public institutions and other stakeholders of the Chamber will be involved in the initiative.

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