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Volkswagen Group

Organisation name:Volkswagen Group
Type of organisation:Business – Large Companies
Organisation operations:Manufacturing
Start date:01/01/2017
Contact person(s):

Volkswagen Group

Mr. Olaf Katzer





Presentation of the member:

The Volkswagen Group has 626,715 employees, making it one of the largest automotive companies worldwide. The Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, Lamborghini, MAN, Porsche, Scania, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle brands all belong to the Group.

As of 2016, the Group delivers 10 million vehicles to customers annually.

To ensure employees continue to be qualified in future, 19,490 young people are being trained according to the dual training principle in 60 vocations and 50 dual study programmes (as of 2016). Taking all of the companies into account, around 15,200 apprentices are currently in training in Europe.

Description of the Pledge:


The Volkswagen Group supports and promotes the dual vocational training model as the standard at all of its sites and plants. To achieve this goal, the Volkswagen Group works with a wide range of cooperation partners. The cooperation partners are the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad, German Chambers of Commerce Abroad, German-Slovak Chambers of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Association of Technology Industry in Belgium. Ducati and Lamborghini offer socially disadvantaged youths a dual vocational training (DESI project). In Portugal, Volkswagen – together with Siemens, Bosch and the German-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry – supports a training association that is used by many local companies.

The Volkswagen Group works on future skills in vocational training programmes, for example with the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training in Germany.

Different sites and brands work on future technologies such as alternative drives.

Work is ongoing on future dual vocational training programmes elsewhere in Europe. VW in Germany has established a Digital Campus for the integration of digitalisation in vocational training. This institute deals solely with the topic of digitalisation. MAN Germany has integrated digital support in its vocational training (Vocational Training 4.0).



The Volkswagen Group offers around 150 apprentices the opportunity of staying for 2–8 weeks at another European site. Sites taking part in this include Hungary, Slovakia, the UK, Portugal and Germany.

100 apprentices from VW Germany work on the memorial at Auschwitz in Poland every year.

After vocational training has finished, Volkswagen continues to offer further development opportunities. The Journeyman Years programme allows those starting out on their careers to work for a foreign subsidiary for twelve months. In 2016, 42 apprentices from 15 sites took part in this programme.


In principle, the Volkswagen Group offers all apprentices who successfully complete their training a full employment contract. There are promotion opportunities for all apprentices. Apprentices who perform well are offered the chance to study by the Volkswagen Group. The best apprentices from 43 Group sites receive prizes at the Best Apprentice Award at Volkswagen Wolfsburg. In 2016, nine women and 36 men were awarded this prize. 35 of the 45 who received awards came from Europe.

To promote knowledge transfer as well as the quality of the dual vocational training, the Volkswagen Group will implement an exchange platform with an international and European digital Group network for vocational training. The target groups are the managers and coordinators of vocational training as well as instructors. One focus of the platform is the exchange of best practice projects in the fields of digitalisation and Industry 4.0 in vocational training.  

Pledged to improve the quality of apprenticeships
Pledged to enhance the image of apprenticeships
Pledged to contribute to the mobility of apprenticeships

The Volkswagen Group cooperates with many institutions. These include:

  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry and German Chambers of Commerce Abroad.
  • Schools, vocational schools, central agencies for German schools abroad.
  • Authorities and ministries.
  • Technology associations, companies, universities and trade unions.
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