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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Author:Pôle de formation Pasteur
Start Year:2017

Anne-Valérie Aujames, Director



Types of organisation:Education and training providers

The Pôle de formation Pasteur’s plan sets strategic objectives:

  • Increase the number of apprentices.
  • Define an investment plan to maintain technical platforms at the cutting edge of technological innovations.
  • Implement innovative pedagogical methods (flipped classroom, collaborative work, project-based learning, pro-active pedagogy…) and develop open and innovative practices in digital era.

Video examples of open and innovative practices designed and implemented in Pôle de formation Pasteur :  Brainstorming via twitter : https://youtu.be/ufk_gDIdH0o , Share representations via a virtual wall (https://youtu.be/Lv3K4bH1JVM) …

  • Professionalizing the trainers/the actors of professional training.
  • Secure school and professional career paths.
  • Accompany learners.
  • European opening via physical and virtual mobility.

The virtual mobility is developed in the framework of eMovA project, European project managed by the Pôle de formation Pasteur, funded with the support of the European Commission. Link to eMovA project on Euroapprenticeship platform: http://www.euroapprenticeship.eu/en/virtual-mobility.html

Short company / organisation description:

Created in 1962, the Pôle de formation Pasteur provides more than twelve training schemes in the healthcare sector, six of which are via apprenticeship, with 150 apprentices. By establishing quality trainings and offering a wide training offer, the Pôle de formation Pasteur was recognised in 2012 as a reference and excellence centre in the healthcare sector.

Certified ISO 9001, version 2015 and Veriselect, its school project is based on four areas:

  1. Develop apprenticeships and provide training according to the needs of the concerned sectors (needs of the companies).
  2. Improve the training apparatus and implement new processes for skills development (soft skills and hard skills) and know-how, through an efficient teaching team.
  3. Secure school career paths by supporting learners towards the success of their personal and professional projects (insertion and employability).
  4. Improve the life of the learner and employees by supporting their personal, cultural and civic development in the European area.

With a professional integration rate of 94%, the Pôle de formation Pasteur is positioned at the heart of an economic environment conducive to employment. In a situation of increasing demand for healthcare professionals, the Pôle de formation Pasteur is a real incubator for recruitment for companies.

Area of action: Supply
Area of action: Quality
Area of action: Image
Area of action: Mobility

Pôle de formation Pasteur’s network : Companies in healthcare sector, vocational training centres, eMovA’s partners

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