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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Author:EVN Macedonia
Country:North Macedonia
Start Year:2017

Ms. Aneta Petrovska – Rusomaroski



Types of organisation:Companies and business organisations

In 2017, EVN Macedonia launched a pilot project promoting dual education in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. In cooperation with the secondary vocational school “Mihajlo Pupin”, the programme is one of the first established in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Experts from EVN Macedonia and professors from our partner VET school and the Center for Vocational Education had analyzed the existing curricula for electro fitter and compared them with Austrian curricula. As a result, existing curricula has been adapted and improved to fit current and future labor market needs. We put special emphasis on practical classes, ensuring a balanced combination between school-based learning and in-company learning. The project includes actions aiming at fighting stereotypes in the workplace. Our efforts resulted with increased interest and participation in apprenticeships by female pupils.

The pilot project has been approved and supported by the Minister of Education and Science of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Short company / organisation description:EVN Macedonia is part of the Austrian EVN Group, which entered the market of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonian in 2006 by acquiring 90% ESM's shares. EVN Macedonia's main activity is power distribution and supply in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The Company grew over time into a strong and well-known brand in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and beyond.
Area of action: Supply
Area of action: Quality
Area of action: Image
Partners:VET School “Mihajlo Pupin” – Skopje in the first school year, based on the interest and needs there is possibility to expand the cooperation also with other VET schools outside the capital of the country.

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