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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

ReKreata I/S

Organisation name:ReKreata I/S
Type of organisation:Business – SMEs
Organisation operations:Education and training, Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities
Start date:01/01/2017
Contact person(s):

Project and Pedagogical consultant Hans Thomas Hjorth

rekreata@sol.dk , hth@aabc.dk


Presentation of the member:

ReKreata I/S was established in 1995 as a Project Consultancy Agency/Network Group, and has over the past 22 years worked as consultants to private companies, educational institutions and governmental institutions with education and training in Denmark and abroad. Consultancy has been provided within the fields of “Quality Assurance and Development of Teaching and Training”, Development of Project Proposals, Assessment of Project Proposals, System Export of Dual Education Principles, and Mobility of Apprentices”.

Originally ReKreata was formed to gather a “Network Group” of contact persons throughout Europe that had an interest in raising quality of VET and work with quality development of VET and the combination og theory and practice within VET. The founders of ReKreata has worked as consultants on different project dealing with combination of theory and practice within VET, and establishment of School-Based Enterprises, particularly in the Eastern European countries since 1995.
Description of the Pledge:

ReKreata will give our active contribution to initiatives, seminars and conferences dealing with Quality Development of DUAL education and Mobility of Youth/Apprentices.

Rekreata will raise awareness about EAfA and motivate companies, VET providers and authorities to work for more quality and easier mobility in apprenticeships in Europe. In particular, Rekreata will raise awareness on the opportunities related with short and long duration mobility of apprentices via Erasmus+ and ErasmusPRO, a new action within Erasmus+.

Rekreata will raise awareness of different mobility possibilities for apprentices in throughout the world whenever participating in international conferences dealing with VET and Work-based learning. Rekreata will raise awareness of Mobility Possibilities and Quality Development within VET apprenticeships whenever participating in assessment tasks carried out for National Agencies throughout the EU.
Pledged to improve the quality of apprenticeships
Pledged to enhance the image of apprenticeships
Pledged to contribute to the mobility of apprenticeships
A variety of global networks dealing with the combination of theory and practice, dual VET issues and quality development of apprentice working tasks.
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