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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Author:Città Metropolitana Roma Capitale
Start Year:2017

Antonio Capitani – Director  a.capitani@cittametropolitanaroma.gov.it

Maria Fabiani – Evidence Based and Strategy Advisor  info@mariafabiani.eu








Types of organisation:Regional and local authorities

Città Metropolitana Roma Capitale (CMRC) commits itself to improve the quality and the image/attractiveness of the apprenticeships schemes by:

- Including apprenticeships in the Your first EURES job and Reactivate work-programme;

- Promoting discussion and exchanging experiences on apprenticeships schemes in meetings with social partners, vocational training organisations, employers and Your first EURES job and Reactivate consortiums in order to raise awareness;

- Presenting the benefits of apprenticeships schemes at meetings with social partners, vocational training organisations, employers and encouraging them to join the Alliance to promote it to their own members;

- Raising awareness of the value and benefits of apprenticeships amongst social partners, vocational training organisations, employers, and Your first EURES job and Reactivate members through websites, newsletters, meetings and social media tools;

- Encouraging and supporting the companies served in the metropolitan area to provide high quality apprenticeships. Increase the number of quality apprenticeships and give businesses a say on how they are run and what they offer

- Encouraging and supporting the companies served across Europe through Your first EURES job and Reactivate to provide high quality apprenticeships. Increase the number of quality apprenticeships and give businesses a say on how they are run what they offer

- Supporting skills, training and employment in apprenticeship;

- Improving the image of VET and apprenticeships by promoting excellence and

- Increasing the number of apprenticeships in its Vocational Education Centres.

Short company / organisation description:

Through its employment agencies, 9 educational/training centres and other structures located in Rome and the whole metropolitan area, Città MetCMRC provides the following services with the support its fully owned agency Capitale Lavoro:

- Targeted job mobility schemes: since the launch of Your first EURES job (YfEj) initiative in 2012, CMRC provides tailor-made recruitment (traineeships, apprenticeships, and jobs), matching and job placement services to both young people aged 18-30 and employers, combined with financial support (www.yourfirsteuresjob.eu). Similar services are provided to unemployed aged more than 35 through the Reactivate programme.

For years, CMRC has been providing mobility services to VET students under LLL earlier, and then ERASMUS +.

- Services related to employment administrative acts such as unemployment certifications; implementation of the professional register of the working population; procedures through which welfare support is acknowledged and provided; first interviews for jobs in the public administration.

- Services related to matching supply and demand of jobs. These services aim at enhancing the role of the public institutions in supporting both people and companies in the matching process (connecting the right person to the right job). They intend to help companies in defining their needs in human resources and to support potential workers with "active" labor policies (counselling, training, etc.).

CMRC has recently signed agreements with large companies for specialist support with recruitment, employment contracts devoting special attention to apprenticeships, including first level apprenticeships.

- Services related to active labor policies. Services planned to prevent and counteract the risk of long lasting unemployment: vocational guidance and tutoring; apprenticeships; competences assessment / vocational assessments; counselling; outplacement of workers that have lost their job because of a business crisis; support to the self-entrepreneurship.

- Services related to the integration of disabled people in the labor market.

- Services related to education and training. These services include all kind of activities connected to lifelong education and training: vocational education for students under 18 (compulsory education – DDIF – Diritto Dovere all'Istruzione e all'Education); apprenticeships; professional updating and vocational specialization; lifelong learning education; training courses for disabled people.

- Services related to the territorial needs. Those services refer to all the activities planned for and/or provided to people and/or the community (local administrations and private organizations).

Area of action: Quality
Area of action: Image
Area of action: Mobility

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