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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Author:Dirección General de Formación Profesional y Régimen Especial Junta de Castilla y León
Start Year:2017

Sr. D. Agustín Francisco Sigüenza Molina



Types of organisation:Regional and local authorities

As part of our EAfA pledge, the Directorate General of VET of the Government of Castile and León will implement the General Plan for Employment and Vocational Education in Castile and Leon 2016-2020.


The objectives of this pledge are:

  • To enhance employability and self-employment of youngsters and long term unemployed by improving their skills and qualifications. 
  • To adapt training systems to a changing labour market in which new professional skills will be required.
  • To strengthen the implementation of quality and effective dual training programme.
  • To improve the coordination and support of key stakeholders (learners, employers, VET providers and society at large).

To achieve such objectives, we pledge to put into practice the following activities:

  • Implementation of a clear, transparent and consistent legal framework enabling stakeholders to act effectively and guaranteeing mutual rights and responsibilities.
  • Promotion of the joint work between educational centres and enterprises of the region, coordinating decision-making in the teaching and learning process.
  • Support of measures to make apprenticeships more attractive and accessible to SMEs. Improvement of the image of VET by fostering excellence.
  • Development of a career guidance structure to empower learners to make well-founded choices.
  • Promotion of skills competitions, as a showcase inspiring excellence and encouraging entrepreneurship.
  • Establishment of quality assurance procedures in compliance with the European Quality Assurance Framework in VET (EQUAVET). Systematic feedback mechanisms. Indicators to monitor quality.
Active support to VET providers in taking part in the Erasmus+ programme (KA1 and KA2).
Short company / organisation description:

CASTILE AND LEÓN is a region known for the good functioning of its education system (the Spanish region achieving the best results in the PISA 2016 report) and is currently pioneering the implementation of Dual VET, through regulatory developments and partnership policies in close collaboration with businesses and social partners.

The autonomous communities in Spain have responsibilities for VET, consisting of developing and applying basic regulations and establishing all aspects of the VET system. Likewise they have executive and administrative powers to manage the education system in their own territory.

The Directorate General of Vocational Education and Training of the Government of Castile and León is the education authority of the Autonomous Community that manages the budget and sets priorities, targets and criteria on an on-going basis. Furthermore, it guides and monitors the general implementation, follow-up and evaluation at regional level.

116 different diplomas in vocational education are provided, classroom based and distance learning. The Directorate coordinates and supervises 194 educational centres (public and private) with over 38.000 students and 3.264 teachers (private centres excluded).

Area of action: Supply
Area of action: Quality
Area of action: Image
Area of action: Mobility
  • Regional Ministry of Education of the Autonomous Community of Castile and León.
  • Regional Council of Official Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Castile and León.
  • Provincial Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
  • Regional Council of Vocational Education and Training (Consejo de Formación Profesional de Castilla y León).
  • General Council of Employment.
  • Trade unions.
  • VET providers established in the region.

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