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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Author:General Workers Union & The Reggie Miller Foundation
Start Year:2017

Mr Kendrick Bondin &Ms Pauline Fenech



Types of organisation:Education and training providers, Social partners

We pledge to improve the quality of apprenticeships as a tool to improve the labour market.  Apprenticeships are needed to guarantee a better working environment, where the prospective employees are sufficiently trained to feel comfortable and empowered at work.  In turn, apprenticeship schemes benefit the employers because they provide companies with well-trained workforce. 

Therefore, we pledge to improve the quality of apprenticeships by implementing the first five principles of the document entitled “High-performance apprenticeships & work-based learning: 20 guiding principles”. In particular, we will focus on: Principle 2 so as to strengthen a structured continuous dialogue between apprenticeships stakeholders in order to have a transparent and effective social dialogue.  Furthermore, we will also focus on principle 3 by strengthening our capacity building by employing apprentices so as to provide them with better opportunities and implement our vision for apprenticeships.

The Reggie Miller Foundation functions on a demand and supply premise, which enables us to train and help apprentices to develop and upgrade their skills and helps them to continue their professional development. The training at the Foundation twinned with work-based learning at the work place, will result in a more empowered and confident potential employee.

The Foundation works hand in hand with the General Workers Union and together we are able to help apprentices to find apprenticeship placements within our partner companies.

Short company / organisation description:

The General Workers’ Union of Malta (GWU) aims to ensure acceptable living and working conditions for its members, which also reflect the ongoing progress in our society. The GWU promotes and safeguards its members' rights according to the charter of workers’ rights and ensures the following:

1. Social justice and equal opportunities for everyone, so they may have to a decent life;

2. Work in order to guarantee opportunity for all, fighting discrimination in the workplace;

3. Work security and decent income;

4. Health and Safety at work;

5. Safeguarding and representing workers’ rights.

The Reggie Miller Foundation is the General Workers’ Union of Malta (GWU), Education Annex and has been in operation since the day it was founded on the 12th December 1998. Throughout the years, the Reggie Miller Foundation has been instrumental in developing skills and creating a learning opportunity for over 5000 students in the various academic, non-academic and service licenses courses it has provided. To date, the Foundation has been responsible for the tutoring of Languages, Music, Information Technology, Health and Safety, Leadership Skills, Academic Subjects and Service Licenses courses such as the Security Licence Course, the Food Handling Licence course and Work Ethics.

Area of action: Supply
Area of action: Quality

The Reggie Miller Foundation (provides training to upskill workers)

The General Workers Union (liaises between the Foundation and Companies to find adequate   placement for apprentices). Moreover, the GWU will be working together with all the other stakeholders of Eafa.

Companies which have a good working relation with the GWU (provide  apprenticeship placements)

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