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Latvenergo Group

Organisation name:Latvenergo Group
Type of organisation:Business – Large Companies
Organisation operations:Other sector(s)
* Others Sector: Electricity, Gas, Steam and Air Conditioning Supply
Start date:01/01/2017
Contact person(s):

Ina Kleva, HR Development Manager  ina.kleva@latvenergo.lv,

Santa Ustrisova, Baltic HR Manager santa.ustrisova@latvenergo.lv ,

Inga Bukovska, HR Management and Administrative Director inga.bukovska@sadalestikls.lv
Presentation of the member:

Latvenergo Group is a vertically integrated power supply utility operating in electricity and thermal energy generation and supply, electricity distribution services and lease of transmission system assets. Latvenergo Group comprises the parent company Latvenergo AS and six subsidiaries.

Latvenergo Group is one of the leaders in the implementation of CSR principles in the Baltics. 2016 was the fourth year in a row when Latvenergo AS received the Platinum (highest) category from the Sustainability Index of Latvia, which assesses the sustainability of companies in all aspects of corporate social responsibility.

In order to support the best CSR practice and promote the increase of social welfare, one of the directions of CSR activities is education and science. Facilitating development of science and education in the energy sector, the following tasks are being implemented:

  • to promote young people’s interest in science-related subjects and engineering professions;
  • to support young people’s excellence in the field of sciences;
  • to improve the training materials for teachers;
  • to support scientific work of researchers and teachers in the field of energy;
  • to educate about energy efficiency issues.
Description of the Pledge:

Latvenergo Group cooperates closely with the three leading universities of Latvia - the University of Latvia, Riga Technical University and Latvia University of Agriculture both in the field of scientific research and professional development by providing support to academic research projects and improving the theoretical and practical knowledge of future engineers. The cooperation with universities includes also financial support to upgrading of laboratories, providing lectures on actual topics.  Latvenergo Group also plays an active role in providing high quality apprenticeships for VET students.

Latvenergo Group has been running traineeship and apprenticeship programme since 2007. In 2014, the Group revised the program and established clear quality standards for training as well as strict criteria for the mentors and trainers, and for students of universities, as well as VET institutions. The traineeship and apprenticeship programme is aimed at:

  • improving the quality of practical training;
  • development of mentors and trainers;
  • promoting engineering sciences among young people;
  • improving practical and social skills of young people to improve their employability;
  • attracting best students to develop their professional careers at the companies of Latvenergo Group

The updated programme pays great attention to educating mentors and trainers to improve their skills to work with young people in order to raise their interest in the engineering professions and in the industry. The trainers are the key factor to the success of the program.

Every year Latvenergo AS and its subsidiary Sadales tīkls AS provide traineeship and apprenticeship vacancies for more than 200 students, however, only about 70% of the planned vacancies are filled. In 2016, Latvenergo Group provided paid apprenticeship opportunities for 145 students.

The aim is to increase the number of apprentices offering a great standard and qualified learning experience that will contribute to the future careers of young people and encourage them to choose the electricity and thermal energy sector as their future workplace.

  • Employers’ Confederation of Latvia
  • Universities and VET schools from all regions of Latvia providing education in the area Latvenergo Group operates:
    • Cooperation with Riga Technical University and Latvia University of Agriculture to provide appropriate practical training and support graduates in  elaboration of final study papers if a student is working on a paper on a topic of interest for operating segments of Latvenergo Group;
    • Cooperation with at least 3 VET schools in designing WBL programmes combining company-based training with school-based education.
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