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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Author:Teknopark Erciyes
Start Year:2017

Bilgin Yazlık, General Manager




Types of organisation:Professional bodies and networks, Education and training providers, Companies and business organisations

The mission of Erciyes Technopark is to foster and support entrepreneurship, to transfer technologies from the academia to the industry by awareness-raising campaigns, building investment networks, creating and managing patent portfolio, developing relations between universities and the industry, establishing international projects to develop new technologies, and supporting tech entrepreneurship in SMEs.

Erciyes Technopark hires apprentices to work with experts. In the area of Erciyes Technopark 200 companies hire almost 750 apprentices every year. We pledge, as technopark management company, to hire 10 apprentices per year in the period 2017-2020. At the end of the apprenticeship period, we will offer a job contract to selected apprentices.

Our apprenticeship program is open only for university students.

The vision of Erciyes Technopark is to be a globally known TTO brand; to create IPR based industry and economy, to create concrete cooperation between university and industry.


  • Incubation services
  • R&D Infrastructure
  • Technology Transfer services
  • Enterprise Europe Network Services
  • IPR Helpdesk services
  • Clustering services
Short company / organisation description:

Erciyes Teknopark is a Technology Development Zone (Science Park). It has been established in 2005 and started its activities in 2007 in Kayseri, Turkey. Erciyes Teknopark Co. Inc. is a legal entity responsible for the management of the zone and serves the region via cooperating with Erciyes University, Abdullah Gul University, Nuh Naci Yazdan University, Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone, Kayseri Chamber of Industry and Kayseri Chamber of Trade.

Erciyes Teknopark incorporates 200 tenants as of today.  The total R&D based turnover of the region’s companies has reached 350 million TL.  Erciyes Teknopark is the managing company of the Technology Development Zone and provides quality services to the relevant companies. Today, we manage and develop over 350 R&D projects. Moreover, we manage "Sera", an important pre-incubation program created to educate entrepreneurs and support them in the creation of successful start-ups in Kayseri, a city with a profound culture for entrepreneurship.

Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) offer qualified knowledge from universities to industry and develop joint projects to protect and register qualified information, while making project owners benefitting from funding sources. Additionally, TTOs are mechanisms that produce and implement solutions to the technical problems related with the industry. TTOs provide services to protect and develop new technologies.

Erciyes Teknopark plays an active role in the commercialisation process of such products.
Area of action: Supply

Erciyes University, Abdullah Gul University, Nuh Naci Yazdan University, Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone, Kayseri Chamber of Industry and Kayseri Chamber of Trade.

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