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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

k.o.s GmbH

Organisation name:k.o.s GmbH
Type of organisation:Business – SMEs
Organisation operations:Information and Communication
Start date:01/01/2016
Contact person(s):

Anja Lietzmann





Presentation of the member:

k.o.s GmbH supports and assists organizational and personnel development in companies, organizations and public institutions in the fields of initial vocational education and training, continuing/adult education, and education and career counselling.

We advise companies and organizations in the development of strategies and goals, planning and improving processes, procedures and structures, and with documentation. We assist in the development of required competencies at both the employee and the leadership level. In doing so, we draw on years of experience and diverse expertise in the fields of consulting, workshops, professional development, auditing and evaluation, and in the form of our own in-house concepts. We distil our experiences and acquired knowledge and publish it in the form of working aids and other publications.

We develop and implement projects and products for public and private clients.

k.o.s staff possesses 15 years of experience in the fields of VET and in-company training as well as in qualification consulting. k.o.s projects (national and European) cover topics such as

  • Quality in VET
  • Recruitment of apprentices
  • Tackling skills shortages / strategies as to securing skilled personnel
  • Train the Trainer
  • Transition from school to in-company training
  • Professional orientation
  • Traineeships in enterprises
Competence assessment
Description of the Pledge:

k.o.s is committed to the following overall objectives:

  • raising the quality of apprenticeships
  • raising the attractiveness of dual training, thereby contributing to securing and developing skilled personnel
  • encouragement of enterprises to get involved in training
  • strengthening apprentices and VET personnel for the challenges of an increasingly digitalised world of work

k.o.s is committed to the following key activities:

  • extending competencies of VET trainers in companies regarding qualified recruitment, training and support of apprentices
  • Maintenance and further development of a regional Apprenticeship Quality Network of training companies
  • Maintenance and further development of a regional online platform for apprenticeship quality matters
  • Consultancy and workshops with SMEs
  • Development of tools and methodologies targeted at facilitating the provision of apprenticeships as well as strengthening quality assurance in VET for German and European SMEs
  • Providing enterprises with additional qualifications for digital competencies and developing corresponding vocational training courses for apprentices
  • Supporting the further development of collaborative training networks in Germany and Europe
  • Encouraging young girls to take up apprenticeship positions in STEM subjects
  • Conferences, publications and PR on VET issues
Pledged to increase the supply of apprenticeships
Pledged to improve the quality of apprenticeships
Pledged to enhance the image of apprenticeships

k.o.s will involve its entire regional, national and European network that includes enterprises, unions, chambers, networks of Verbundbüro (service point for collaborative training networks), business associations as well as political decision makers such as the Berlin Senate.

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