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Author:The Danish Construction Association
Start Year:2016

Helene Høj, Consultant

Jakob Krohn-Rasmussen, Senior Consultant






Types of organisation:Social partners

Analyses from The Danish Construction Association and from The Confederation of Danish Employers (DA) suggest that the Danish labour market will demand 60,000 skilled workers by 2025. The analyses project a demand in the construction trades for approximately 10,500 skilled workers by 2025. A substantial solution to the projected demand comes from apprenticeships and other types of training within a company. The construction sector employs the most apprentices per skilled worker in Denmark, but the demographic in the construction workforce enlarges the need for qualifying even more skilled workers.

Furthermore, like most of Europe Denmark has seen a dramatic increase in the number of refugees and migrants seeking asylum. In 2016 it is expected that 25,000 refugees will obtain residence permit. It is the largest number of refugees since the nineties. Traditionally Denmark has struggled to integrate refugees on the labour market. In 2014 only 28% of refugees (aged 25-64) were in employment. One of the reasons the integration process has been challenging is that the Danish labour market is characterised by a relatively high standard of education making it difficult for refugees to enter the labour market. The construction sector is no exception as 2/3 of the employed have completed VET and further 12 % have completed higher education. Only about 10 % of the refugees have attended education exceeding primary education. Another explanation is insufficient proficiency in Danish.

To meet the challenges the Danish Construction Association pledges to establish partnerships with 40 municipalities to increase the number of apprentices in the building- and construction trades. Through regional networks of VET schools and municipality administration, The Danish Constructions Association will distribute apprentice/student profiles (picture, interest, abilities, career wishes) to local member companies. The member companies will receive a review of local students every third month and the apprentices are encouraged to visit the companies and introduce themselves. The quarterly review of local students will be followed by the regional chairman of The Danish Construction Association briefly reporting on the present development of apprenticeships in the area and encourage companies to employ even more apprentices. The review will furthermore be the basis of other news from the local VET school.     

To fulfill the aim the Danish Construction Association pledges to:

  • work to make the administration concerning workplace training of apprentices as simple as possible, to reduce bureaucracy and to lower the costs.
  • inform member companies of the different types of apprenticeship employment contracts (shorter periods or a contract covering the entire vocational training education).
  • inform member companies (conferences, newsletters, member meetings) of the necessity to educate the future generations of skilled workforce.
  • inform the public (especially VET schools and primary schools) of which trades are in high demand for apprentices right now and in the coming years (e.g. road builders and concrete construction workers).
  • facilitate cooperation between municipalities, member companies and VET schools.
  • work to improve the public image of VET and highlight the career opportunities in the construction sector.  
  • engage in political debate concerning public funding of workplace training and enhanced workplace relevance of language courses.
  • inform companies of benefits and opportunities by taking on refugees with the aim of increasing supply of apprentices.
  • collect and distribute best practise for integration of refugees in construction companies.
  • on the basis of the concrete inputs of member companies, the Danish Construction Association provide recommendations about the needs of the construction sector in order to provide more and better apprenticeships for refugees in the sector.


Short company / organisation description:

The Danish Construction Association is an employers’ organisation for approximately 6.000 companies, comprising about 90.000 workers from contracting and manufacturing companies within the Danish building and construction sector.

The member companies, composed of major building contractors, small and medium-sized construction companies and manufacturers of building components, are involved in a range of core activities, from infrastructure and turnkey projects, to contractor work specializing in bricklaying, carpentry and roofing, as well as manufacturing building components, such as doors and windows.

Area of action: Supply
Area of action: Image
Partners:The Danish Construction Association, municipalities and VET schools.
National Commitments:Do also have a look at the national commitment of your country

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