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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Country:European Union
Start Year:2016

Kerstin Howald, EFFAT Tourism Sector Secretary



Marta Machado, HOTREC EU Public Affairs Manager




Types of organisation:Social partners
Description:EFFAT and HOTREC commit themselves to improve the quality and the image/attractiveness of the apprenticeships schemes by:
  • Including the issue in the EFFAT-HOTREC work-programme;
  • Promoting discussion and exchanging experiences on apprenticeships schemes at the SSD Steering committee and plenary meetings in order to raise awareness amongst the HORECA Social Partners;
  • Presenting the benefits of apprenticeships schemes at HOTREC and EFFAT General Assemblies; encouraging national associations / member organisations to join the Alliance and to promote it to their own members;
  • Raising awareness of the value and benefits of apprenticeships amongst HOTREC and EFFAT members through websites, newsletters, meetings and social media tools;
  • Encouraging the European hotel and restaurant sector to provide high quality apprenticeships.
Short company / organisation description:

EFFAT the European Federation of Trade Unions in the Food, Agriculture and Tourism sectors, is
representing 120 national trade unions from 35 European countries.
EFFAT defends the interests of more than 22 million workers in its sectors towards the European
Institutions, European employers’ associations and transnational companies.

HOTREC is the umbrella association of hotels, restaurants, cafés and similar establishments in
Europe that brings together 43 national associations in 29 European countries.
HOTREC´s mission is to promote the hospitality industry’s contributions to European society and represent, protect and defend its interests before the European Institutions. It also enhances the
cooperation between the national hospitality associations.

As recognised social partners before the EU institutions (pursuant to article 154 TFEU), HOTREC and EFFAT have been engaged since more than 30 years in a sectoral social dialogue (SSD) at EU level.
HOTREC and EFFAT have worked together on a number of common issues that impact the
hospitality sector including: qualification & skills, youth employment, undeclared work, Corporate
Social Responsibility, health & safety at the workplace, etc.



Area of action: Quality
Area of action: Image

EFFAT (European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions)
HOTREC (European umbrella association of national trade associations representing the hotels, restaurants, cafés and similar establishments in Europe)

EFFAT and HOTREC are the recognised social partners in the European hotel and restaurant sector.

- EFFAT and its national member organisations
- HOTREC and its national associations

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