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The European Alliance for Apprenticeships is a multi-stakeholder initiative steered by the European Commission. The originator of the pledge is solely responsible for implementing the actions outlined in the pledge.

Author:European Parents’ Association (EPA)
Country:European Union
Start Year:2016

Eszter Salamon, President

Brigitte Haider, Project Manager

president@euparents.eu, office@euparents.eu

website: euparents.eu


Types of organisation:Non-profit/youth organisations

EPA has launched a major policy document, the Manifesto for a European future of our children in the 21st century. The following aims are from this Manifesto:

  • Parents are solely responsible1 for educating their children in the format of their choice, to become lifelong learners and active citizens, helping them in the harmonious development physically, morally and intellectually, this responsibility is often voluntarily extended after the 18th birthday of children while parents are still providing for their children in all aspects of their lives while they are doing their full-time training;
  • Parents need information and support in their parenting for the best interest of their children;
  • Education and training systems should be providing equitable learning environments for all children/young people and their parents, a free and informed choice for parents of the education of their children. This choice should never be restricted by the financial capacity of the family.
  • Challenges of the 21st century in the field of employability on an individual level necessitate an aptitude for learning, the ability to embrace change and entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial skills
  • Teachers and parents alike need information, training and incentives to embrace new approaches to education including the importance of their own lifelong learning.

Bearing the above in mind EPA is ready to

  • dedicate an event, namely one of the bi-annual EPA conferences to VET and apprenticeship in the period of 2016-2018;
  • initialise the preparation of guidelines for parental involvement in VET and apprenticeships to support a healthy cooperation, transforming the traditional apprentice-VET provider-company triangle into a 4-party (tetrahedron) cooperation
  1. to ensure co-decisions of parents, teachers and the child when choosing forms and content of training and career paths,
  2. to prevent early stranding (streamlining) and make general education and skills development for lifelong learning, preferably until the age of 18;
  • encourage those EPA members that are active in the field of VET to include the promotion of apprenticeships in their activities on the European Day of Parents and Schools.
Short company / organisation description:The European Parents Association is an umbrella organization of national level parents’ associations that gathers the parents’ associations in Europe which together represent more than 150 million parents. EPA works in partnership both to represent and give to parents a powerful voice in the development of policies and decisions affecting the lives of children and their parents at European level with special focus on education and training policy. In the field of education and training, EPA aims to promote the active participation of parents and the recognition of their central place as those primarily responsible for the education of their children.
Area of action: Supply
Area of action: Quality
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Area of action: Mobility
Partners:EPA members, national parents’ associations from 27 of the EU28 (the exception is Greece), plus from Norway, Liechtenstein, Serbia, Bosnia-Hercegovina (and Israel).

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