Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion


Join the Alliance!

EAfA welcomes commitments and pledges by stakeholders across Europe willing to contribute to strengthening the supply, quality and/or attractiveness of apprenticeships as well as mobility.

Stakeholders interested in making a pledge should complete the pledge application form and return it to empl-eafa@ec.europa.eu.

Current pledges

Here is a list of current commitments and pledges. You can click on the table headers to sort the pledges.

Country-City Type of organisation Country Start Year Area of action
Click to view record Syntra Vlaanderen Regional and local authorities Belgium 2016 Supply, Quality, Mobility
Click to view record Confédération Construction Bruxelles-Capitale (CCBC) Social partners Belgium 2015 Supply, Quality, Image
Click to view record Bouwunie, Unie van het KMO-bouwbedrijf vzw Professional bodies and networks Belgium 2015 Supply, Quality, Image
Click to view record NETINVET Professional bodies and networks Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain 2015 Supply, Quality, Image, Mobility
Click to view record Horeca Vorming Vlaanderen Education and training providers Belgium 2013 Quality

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