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Access City Award

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The Access City Award recognises and celebrates a city's willingness, ability and efforts to become more accessible, in order to

  • guarantee equal access to fundamental rights;
  • improve the quality of life of its population and ensure that everybody – regardless of age, mobility or ability – has equal access to all the resources and pleasures cities have to offer.

The Access City Award is open to

  • all EU cities of over 50 000 inhabitants
  • urban areas composed of two or more towns with a combined population of over 50 000 inhabitants, if they are in EU countries with fewer than 2 cities with over 50 000 inhabitants

Access City Award 2022

The 2022 Access City Award goes to Luxembourg City. A jury of accessibility experts recognised the city for its wide range of innovative solutions and improvements to enhance accessibility for persons with disabilities. The city of Helsinki in Finland and the city of Barcelona in Spain are the second and third place winners. Find out more information on the Access City Award 2022 webpage.

Why an Access City Award?

Around 87 million people have some forms of disability in the EU and its population is also becoming older. Additionally, Europe is now essentially an urban society, with four out of five EU citizens living in towns and cities.

The European Union promotes equality of opportunity and accessibility for people with disabilities. A fundamental part of its strategy involves working towards a barrier-free Europe. 

The Access City Award is an award recognising cities that have worked to become more accessible for their citizens. It is an EU initiative that

  • recognises efforts by cities to become more accessible
  • promotes equal access to urban life for people with disabilities
  • allows local authorities to promote and share their best practices


Technical and registration issues: secretariat@accesscityaward.eu

General inquiries: EMPL-EDPD-ACA@ec.europa.eu

Alternatively, find the previous winners in this list.

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