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Slovakia - Old-age pension

When can I apply for benefits?

The Slovak pension system consists of three independent systems, i.e. 3 pillars. You may receive old-age pension (starobný dôchodok) from the mandatory pension insurance, old-age pension saving or voluntary supplementary pension saving system.

Old-age pension is provided after reaching the statutory retirement age for securing income during old age.

From 1 January 2004, the pensionable age has been unified for men and women.

As of 1 July 2015, the minimum pension has been introduced.

The old-age beneficiaries qualify for the minimum pension even if they have been awarded as the early old age pension or the invalidity pension after reaching the pensionable age.

The qualifying conditions for the minimum pension are satisfied if the person:

  • completes at least 30 years of qualifying pension insurance period which can also be pension insurance period completed abroad;
  • the sum of pension incomes inclusive of incomes from abroad  is lower than the minimum pension amount;
  • has claimed all pension types to which s/he could be entitled to (e.g. survivor's pensions).

As of 1 January 1 2017, the method of determining the pensionable age has changed. The pensionable age of insured born after 31 December 1954 will be gradually increased every year by a stipulated number of days depending on the increase of average life expectancy. The pensionable age in 2018 is 62 years and 139 days.

You are entitled to old-age pension from mandatory pension insurance (1st pillar) if you have been insured for at least 15 years and you have reached the retirement age referred above.

You are entitled to old-age pension from the old-age pension saving system (2nd pillar) if you have reached the retirement age.

You are entitled to old-age pension in the form of lifelong or fixed term supplementary old-age pension either upon meeting conditions in your contract on supplementary pension savings or upon meeting conditions in the act on supplementary pension savings (reaching the age of 62, receiving old-age pension or early old-age pension from mandatory pension insurance).

Subject to the fulfilment of the conditions stipulated by law, you are also entitled to early old-age pension (predčasný starobný dôchodok) from the 1st and 2nd pillar.

After reaching the statutory retirement age, early old-age pension is automatically transformed to old-age pension. The pension amount is not recalculated and no decision is issued in this respect.

What conditions do I have to meet?

You are entitled to old-age pension if you have been insured for at least 15 years and have reached the retirement age.

Insurance periods completed in another EU Member State are taken into account for the pension claim on condition that the insured person: 

  • has not completed the required pension insurance period in Slovakia, or
  • has completed the insurance period after having qualified to the old age pension in Slovakia or in another EU Member State. These insurance periods are taken into account based on the form E 205/P5000.These form is issued based on several supporting documents (e.g. diploma, insurance periods record, leaving certificate).The pension amount is calculated only from insurance periods completed in Slovakia.

When you become eligible for old-age pension and continue engaging in gainful activity, pension insurance for this period is valorised for the purpose of determining the amount of your future pension.

An old-age pension recipient may receive a pension and, at the same time, work without any restrictions. This does not apply to an early old age pension which will not be paid out if the beneficiary starts performing work. From the 1st July 2018, an early old age pension recipient may receive an early age pension and, at the same time, work outside an employment relationship.

The entitlement to a pension from pension insurance abroad arises when you work abroad for more than a year.

What benefits can I apply for and how should I exercise my rights?

You may apply for old-age pension at the relevant branch of the Social Insurance Agency according to the place of your permanent residence. If you are not permanently resident in Slovakia, you have to file your application at the headquarters of the Social Insurance Agency.

The following documents should be appended to the old-age pension application:

  • Valid identity document (identity card or passport);
  • Certificate of completed education (vocational certificate, general certificate of education, diploma, etc.);
  • Military service book or another document issued by the competent military administration;
  • Children's birth certificates;
  • Decision of the Social Insurance Agency on the spouse's pension, if a single source of income;
  • Certificate confirming all periods, during which you were entered in the register of unemployed jobseekers prior to 1 January 2001;
  • Received unemployment benefits in the period from 1 January 2001 until 31 December 2003;
  • Documents on employment (namely registered certificate of pension insurance);
  • Employer's certificate confirming the period of employment abroad prior to 1 May 1990 in countries, with which Slovakia has not concluded an international agreement on social insurance;
  • If you apply for payment of the pension benefits by transfer to your bank account, request your bank to confirm the Application for Remittance of Pension Benefits to the Pensioner's Bank Account form.

The aim of the 2nd pillar old-age pension is to ensure income in old age as well as the 1st pillar pension. Old-age pension from the 2nd pillar is paid only in concurrence with pension from the 1st pillar. You may choose whether you wish to receive a lifelong pension (doživotný dôchodok) from the entire savings amount or in the form of a temporary pension (dočasný dôchodok alebo programový výber), if you meet all conditions. You may apply for old-age pension from the 2nd pillar by submitting an application to the pension insurance company, with which you have concluded the old-age pension saving contract. More detailed information will be provided by your pension insurance company.

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  • Countries subject to the EU coordination regulations: 28 EU Member States + Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland (European Economic Area states)
  • Current pension value
  • Pension insurance period
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