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Slovakia - Accident at work and occupational diseases

When can I apply for benefits?

The employer is responsible for occupational health and safety. When, while performing or in direct connection with the performance of work tasks, an accident at work results in an injury to health or the death of an employee, the employer with whom the employee was employed at the time of the work accident is liable.

What conditions do I have to meet?

Employees are obligated to immediately report any accident at work to the employer, if their health condition permits the same. The employer is obligated to investigate the causes and circumstances of any work accident requiring medical attention and/or resulting in incapacity for work and to submit the applicable documents demonstrating the occupational injury or disease to the Social Insurance Agency.

The aggrieved employee or survivors (in the event of the employee's death) may claim their entitlement to benefits covered by occupational injury insurance by submitting the corresponding benefit application to the Social Insurance Agency.

What benefits can I apply for and how should I exercise my rights?

In case of an accident at work, the aggrieved is entitled to the following benefits:

Injury surcharge benefit (úrazový príplatok) during temporary incapacity

The benefit amount is calculated from the gross wage and it is reduced if the accident resulted from the employee's fault.

The injury surcharge benefit amounts to:

- 55% of the daily assessment basis (from the 1st to the 3rd day of temporary incapacity);

- 25% of the daily assessment basis from the 4th day of temporary incapacity.

Compensation for pain and suffering (náhrada za bolesť)

The basic document for the granting of compensation for pain and suffering is a medical report recognising damages for pain. The amount depends on the physician's rating of the injury. The value of each rating point is determined by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family (Ministerstvo práce, sociálnych vecí a rodiny).

Compensation for reduced social opportunities (náhrada za sťaženie spoločenského uplatnenia)

It is provided based on the attending physician's rating of reduced social opportunities.

Compensation for treatment expenses (náhrada spojená s liečením)

When effective expended costs for the treatment of the consequences of an occupational injury or disease cannot be covered from health insurance, it will be reimbursed by the Social Insurance Agency. The amount is determined according to the submitted documents.

One-off redemption benefit (jednorazové vyrovnanie)

It serves to compensate reduced capacity for work of a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 40%, resulting from an occupational injury or disease.

Injury annuity benefit (úrazová renta)

The regular cash benefit is to compensate the aggrieved person's income reduced in consequence of a decreased working ability of more than 40% due to an occupational disease or work injury. The amount is calculated from the daily assessment basis.

Other injury benefits:

  • Working rehabilitation and rehabilitation benefit (pracovná rehabilitácia a rehabilitačné);
  • Retraining and retraining benefit (rekvalifikácia a rekvalifikačné);
  • Surviving annuity (pozostalostná úrazová renta);
  • One-off compensation benefit (jednorazové odškodnenie);
  • Compensation for funeral expenses (náhrada nákladov spojených s pohrebom).

Jargon busters

  • The daily assessment basis used to determine the amount of the injury surcharge benefit, injury annuity benefit, one-off redemption benefit, surviving annuity, one-off compensation benefit, rehabilitation and rehabilitation benefit is a fraction of the sum of the employee's assessment bases, from which the employer is paying injury insurance premiums on behalf of the employee in the reference period, and the number of days of the reference period.
  • The reference period used to determine the daily assessment basis for the injury surcharge benefit, injury annuity benefit, one-off redemption benefit, surviving annuity, and the one-off compensation benefit is generally the calendar year preceding the calendar year, in which the accident at work occurred or the occupational disease was diagnosed.
  • Accident at work (work accident, occupational injury) is an injury to health inflicted upon an employee while performing work tasks or the death of an employee while performing work tasks.
  • Occupational disease is a disease recognized by a competent healthcare facility (occupational medicine and clinical toxicology clinic), which was developed by an employee while performing work or service tasks and is included in the list of occupational diseases.

Required documents

The entitlement to injury benefits should be claimed by the aggrieved employee at the relevant branch of the Social Insurance Agency according to the registered office of the employer. All forms required to claim benefits in the event of an occupational injury or disease are available in the appropriate section of the Social Insurance Agency (www.socpoist.sk).

Know your rights

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Who do you need to contact for advice about social security?

Social Insurance Agency (Sociálna poisťovňa) - Contact Centre

Tel.: 0800 123 123


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