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Slovakia - Severe disability allowances

What conditions do I need to meet?

Severely disabled persons (osoby s ťažkým zdravotným postihnutím, ŤZP) are entitled to support provided in the form of discounts, compensations and cash benefits. An individual diagnosed with a degree of disability (functional disorder) of at least 50% is considered a person with a severe disability.

What conditions do I have to meet?

An individual with a severe disability receive a disability card with the aid of which they may claim compensations and reliefs designated to overcome or alleviate the social consequences of their severe disability.

The issue of the disability card or the granting of compensation cash benefits is preceded by an individual assessment carried out by a medical assessor and a social worker of the local Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family.

What benefits can I apply for and how should I exercise my rights?

The State compensates the consequences of severe disability in case of:

  • reduced movement or orientation ability;
  • reduced communication ability;
  • increased expenses for
    • special dietary requirements;
    • hygiene, clothes, bed linen, shoes and furnishings;
    • passenger motor vehicle operation;
    • care for a specially trained dog;
  • limited or lost self-service ability.

Benefits, discounts and compensation for citizens with severe disabilities:

  • discounts when travelling by train or bus, free use of public transport in certain towns and cities;
  • the right to park at reserved parking spaces for the disabled and the free use of motorways (applies to disability card holders dependant on individual transportation);
  • remission of payment for radio and television services;
  • discounts on state administration and self-administration fees - e.g. waste disposal fees, dog and other fees in the competence of municipalities;
  • cash benefits for the purchase of a vehicle, medical devices, flat conversions, personal assistance, lifting equipment; cash benefit for transportation, job assistants, etc.;
  • benefits for special dietary requirements (in case of diabetes, coeliac disease and other eating disorders).

Cash benefits for persons with a severe disability may be:

  • one-off - e.g. a cash benefit for the purchase, adjustment and repair of medical devices, for assistance dog training, for the purchase of lifting equipment, for the purchase and/or modification of a passenger motor vehicle, or flat conversion, etc.;
  • repeated - e.g. a cash benefit for personal assistance, transportation, for compensation of increased expenses, or a cash benefit for attendance service.

Jargon busters

  • Social consequence of severe disability - A disadvantage in comparison to a person without any disability, which is caused by a severe disability and which the disabled is unable to overcome himself/herself because of his/her severe disability;
  • Functional disorder - The deficiency of physical, sensory or mental abilities lasting more than 1 year.

Required documents

Know your rights

Link to additional information provided by the European Commission:

Social entitlements of EU citizens

Who do you need to contact for advice about social security?

Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family (Ústredie práce, sociálnych vecí a rodiny)
Department of Compensation Cash Benefits of Severe Disability and Assessment Activities;

Špitálska 8, 812 67, Bratislava

Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family (Úrad práce, sociálnych vecí a rodiny):
Unit of Citizen´s Services
Unit of Compensation Cash Benefits of Severe Disability and Assessment Activities

List of Offices of Labour, Social Affairs and Family

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