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What conditions do I need to meet?

You have the right to emergency healthcare provided by a healthcare provider of your choice, regardless of whether you have public health insurance or not.

General outpatient healthcare is provided to persons with public health insurance based on an agreement on the provision of health care concluded with a general practitioner in writing, free of charge and for a minimum period of 6 months. Specialised outpatient healthcare covered in part or in full by public health insurance is provided only upon a referral from a general practitioner.

With the consent of the health insurance company, you may apply for the provision of healthcare (including operations and transplantations) also in EU Member States. If you do not have public health insurance, you have to pay in full the relevant healthcare costs, subject to specific exceptions.

In terms of emergency medical service and inpatient emergency service a small lump-sum fee is paid. You will also pay a small fee when collecting a prescription for medicines at a pharmacy. Co-payments in different amounts are made for many medicines. Certain patient categories may apply for a refund of their co-payments when the total amount exceeds a pre-determined maximum limit in a particular period.

What conditions do I have to meet?

If you wish to receive full healthcare, you need either to be insured or to pay for the healthcare provided. You will receive emergency healthcare also without public health insurance, however, the hospital or the physician have the right to demand the direct payment of incurred costs from you.

With regard to free dental interventions (tooth decay) they are based on a preventive examination in the year previous to the intervention.

If you wish to use a medical prescription or medical voucher issued in another EU Member State, you need to present a document, which fulfils the defined criteria (consult with the National Contact Point here). If not, you will have to pay the full price for a medicine, medical device or dietetic food.

What benefits can I apply for and how should I exercise my rights?

I have the right

Who provides what and how

To be informed about the treatment

Physician's obligation

To consent to the treatment

Patient's right

To be operated on/treated abroad

Contact the relevant health insurance company

To choose my surgeon/obstetrician

Pay the emergency medical service

Jargon busters

Emergency healthcare is provided to individuals experiencing a sudden change in their health condition that poses an immediate threat to their life or any of their vital functions, Healthcare provided during childbirth is also considered as emergency healthcare.

Likewise, the emergency healthcare is also considered an examination of an individual who is suspected of being a potential source of a fast -spreading life-threatening disease, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of an individual with a fast-spreading life-threatening disease.

Emergency transportation – the emergency healthcare includes transportation of persons to a healthcare facility and between healthcare facilities. It also involves the emergency transportation of donors and recipients of organs. The emergency transportation is arranged by medical rescue service providers.

General outpatient healthcare - the specific type of healthcare.

Required documents

  • European health insurance card (EHIC)
  • Agreement on the provision of healthcare
  • Portable document S1 (PD S1)
  • Portable document S2 (PD S2)
  • Prior authorisation for cross-border healthcare (in cases where prior authorisation is needed upon national legislation)
  • Authorisation for healthcare provided under bilateral agreements

Know your rights

Link to additional information provided by the European Commission:

Who do you need to contact if you need advice about health insurance?

Public Health Insurance Companies:

General Health Insurance Company, Inc., www.vszp.sk

Union Health Insurance Company, Inc., www.union.sk

Dôvera Health Insurance Company, Inc.,www.dovera.sk

Health Care Surveillance Authority - HCSA(Úrad pre dohľad nad zdravotnou starostlivosťou)
Žellova 2, 829 24 Bratislava 25

Telephone: +421 2 20856 789


Email inquiries and complaints concerning the quality of provided healthcare may also be sent to national contact point or directly to any of the eight HCSA branches.

If you seek an advice or want to complain about the fee charged, contact the Health Care Department in any of the eight Slovak self-governed regions.

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