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Portugal - Family expenses relating to children and young persons

 This chapter covers various benefits granted by the social security system to meet family expenses relating to children and young persons in Portugal.

In what situation can I claim?

Children and young people resident in Portugal, or the equivalent, qualify for Family Benefits if they satisfy the eligibility conditions at the time of application.

The following may apply for Family Benefits for Children and Young People [abono de família para crianças e jovens]:

  • The parents or the equivalent in domestic partnerships, or legal representatives that live with the child or young person;
  • A person or entity that is the legal guardian of the child;
  • The child himself or herself, if older than 18, when studying or handicapped.

Apart from Portuguese citizens resident in Portugal, the following also qualify for the benefits:

  • Portuguese citizens serving abroad whose entire salary or part of it is paid by the Portuguese State;
  • Foreign citizens covered by an international agreement or by European Community legislation;
  • Foreign citizens not covered by an international agreement or by European Community legislation who have a valid residence permit in Portugal (persons equivalent to residents).

What conditions do I need to meet?

Children and young people qualify for Family Benefits if:

  • They are resident in Portugal or equivalent;
  • They do not work (apart from student jobs during the holidays);
  • Their family's reference income is equal to or less than the third income bracket or equal or less than the fourth income bracket  in case of children aged 72 months or less (or considered as single persons) and the total value of their entire household's movable assets is less than € 106,368 (240 times the Indexante dos Apoios Sociais (IAS) [the social support index]).

The reference income is calculated by taking the total earnings of the household and dividing this by the number of children in the same household, plus one. However, the benefit is only given to children who meet the conditions for granting it and providing that the household income does not exceed the fourth income bracket ceiling.

The resulting value is allocated to income brackets determined on the basis of the social support index (ASX14) - the value of the latter taken into account being that of the year of household income used as a basis for calculating the reference income.

Reference income brackets in 2021 and 2022:

Income brackets




Up to € 3,071.67

Up to € 3,102.40


Between € 3,071.67 € and € 6,143.34

Between € 3,102.40 € and € 6,204.80


Between € 6,143.34 € and € 9,215.01

Between € 6,204.80 and € 9,307.20


Between € 9,215.01 and € 15,358.35

Between € 9,307.20 € and € 15,512.00 €


Above € 15,358.35

Above € 15,512.00

Family benefit is paid until the beneficiary reaches the age of 16.

From the age of 16 it is granted depending on age and education level. Students in higher education or the equivalent up to 24 years of age (27 in the case of illness or accident) or the disabled up to 24 years of age (27 if in higher education or on a diploma course) can receive family benefits.

All students under the age of 18 qualify for a Scholarship [Bolsa de Estudo] if they satisfy all the following conditions:

  • They must be part of a household with earnings in the first or second income brackets;
  • They must be enrolled in and attending secondary school or an equivalent level of education;
  • They must be less than 18 years of age. Should a student reach this age during the school year, then the student continues to qualify for the Scholarship until the end of the school year;
  • They must have a good record of academic performance whilst attending secondary school or equivalent education.

What am I entitled to and how can I claim?

The amount of Child Benefits paid varies in accordance with:

  • The level of household income (only up to the fourth income bracket);
  • The age of the child;
  • The number of children;
  • Children up to the age of 36 months receive a higher amount.

The family benefit amount is increased according to whether it is a household with two children or three or more children.

See the Family Benefits Amounts.

Family Benefits for children and young people and associated supplements are higher for single-parent families.

Children and young people who are institutionalised receive benefits based on the first income bracket.

All children aged between six and sixteen (during the current calendar year) who are studying and who fit into the first income bracket receive a an additional benefit payment in September equal to the family benefit.

The Scholarship monthly amount equals the amount of Family Benefits for children and young people.

Jargon busters

IAS: Indexante dos Apoios Sociais [the social support index].

Resident persons: national citizens who habitually reside in Portugal; foreign citizens, refugees and stateless persons with valid residence permits. Portuguese people covered by the Portuguese social security system and who work in a country with which Portugal has a social security agreement, as well as membe0rs of their households; civil servants working for the Portuguese State, as well as members of their households; foreign citizens covered by an international agreement or European Union legislation are also considered to be residents.

Persons equivalent to residents: Foreign citizens not covered by an international agreement or European Community legislation and foreign citizens who have a valid residence permit [possible permits are: temporary protection permit, residence permits and their respective extensions (on a case by case basis)].

Reference income: reference income refers to the income bracket into which the beneficiary fits [for the purpose of means testing]. There are five income brackets. Only families in the first four income brackets receive Family Benefits. Families in the first income bracket are those with the lowest earnings and they are entitled to the highest rate of Child Benefits.

Forms you may need to fill in

  • RP5045-DGSS: Pre-Natal Family Benefits and Family Benefits for Children and Young People Claim Form.
  • GF37-DGSS: Application to amend family member information - Family benefits.
  • GF54-DGSS: Declaration on Household composition and earnings.
  • GF58-DGSS: Application for Reassessment of Income Bracket].

These forms can be found on the Social Security website.

Know your rights

The links below define your entitlements in accordance with Portuguese law. They are not European Commission links, nor do they represent the Commission's position.

Commission Publication and Website:

Who do you need to contact?

You can obtain further information on social protection for meeting family expenses through one of the following:

Social Security Line: 300 502 502 / 210 545 400.

Personalized service: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, excluding public holidays

Automated reply system: 24/24, 7/7

From abroad: +351 300 502 502 / +351 210 545 400.

Social Security website: www.seg-social.pt.

Consult Segurança Social Direta [Social Security Direct].

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