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Italy - Unemployment benefits: NASpI and DIS-COLL

This chapter explains when and who is entitled to involuntary unemployment benefit which, following a recent reform, has been in force since May 2015, and is constituted as:

  • INASPI: is a cash benefit granted, on request, in the event of involuntary redundancy or expiry of a fixed-term employment contract, to employed workers, which includes apprentices, cooperative members, artistic staff and fixed-term workers of public administrative bodies;
  • DIS-COLL: is a cash benefit awarded on request in the event of involuntary redundancy to workers with an atypical employment contract registered with the separate pension scheme.

NASpI and DIS-COLL are not provided in cases of voluntary resignation, except in cases of resignation during the period covered by maternity leave or resignations with just cause. For information on journalists' unemployment benefit, see the INPGI institutional website at the following link:

In what situation can I claim?

You can claim NASpI if:

  • you are an apprentice, worker, artist or cooperative member with a dependent working relationship or a fixed-term employee of a Public Administration;
  • you have involuntarily lost your job or your fixed-term employment contract has finished and you have declared your availability (DID) to begin a new working activity or training course to the Job Centre in good time.

You are entitled to receive NASpI for half the number of weeks covered by contributions in the last four years prior to losing your job.

You can claim DIS-COLL if:

  • you are a worker with an atypical employment contract or a new self-employed registered with the separate pension scheme and have involuntarily lost your job. You are entitled to receive it for a number of months corresponding to half the number of monthly contributions paid in the period starting from 1st January of the year prior to dismissal till the date of dismissal itself and not exceeding a maximum of 6 months.

What conditions do I need to meet?

To be entitled to NASpI you must have been insured with the National Institute for Social Security (INPS) for at least 13 weeks during the 4 years prior to the onset of unemployment and at least 30 days of this work insurance must have been completed during the last 12 months prior to dismissal.

To be entitled to DIS-COLL you must have accrued at least 3 months of contributions in the calendar year prior to the year of dismissal, plus 1 month of contributions during the year of dismissal.

What am I entitled to and how can I claim?

The NASpI amounts to 75% of the monthly reference earnings with a monthly ceiling of EUR 1 221,44 plus 25% of the portion of the worker’s actual monthly pay exceeding the said ceiling. The maximum payable amount is equal to EUR 1 328,76 (gross) per month for 2019. As of the first day of the fourth month (91st day) of receipt of the benefit, the amount is reduced by 3% every following month.

The amount of DIS-COLL is calculated using the same method as  NASpI but is provided for a number of weeks equal to half the number of weeks of contributions paid in the last working year.

To receive unemployment benefits, you must submit a claim to the INPS electronically within 68 days from the end of the working relationship and sign an 'Immediate Availability Declaration' (IAD, DID in the Italian acronym) for work or request enrolment in a training course, both of which must be submitted to the competent Job Centre (also through the INPS).

For this purpose, you can use one of the methods described on the relevant webpage.

Jargon busters

  • INPS: National Social Security Institute;
  • Employee organisations and tax assistance centres (Patronati, CAF): authorised centres that assist the user with compiling and electronically submitting a benefit claim (this assistance is totally free of charge);
  • INPGI: National Institute of Italian Journalists' Social Security (INPGI);
  • NASpI: New Employment Social Insurance Benefit;
  • DIS-COLL: Unemployment benefit for workers with an atypical employment contract and to new self-employed.
  • Inclusion Income Support: former NSApI beneficiaries over 55 still unemployed at given conditions as regards income and family unit composition.

Forms you may need to fill in

Claims for unemployment benefit are to be filled out on the appropriate forms:

  • NASpI (SR 156)
  • DIS-COLL (SR 157)
  • Inclusion Income Support for long term unemployed over 55 age (Mod. ReI-Com codice: MV56)

Forms are available in the 'On-line Form' database of the INPS website (www.inps.it).

Know your rights

The following national links provide information about the social security rights provided for by Italian law:

Also, below is the link to access European Commission publications on coordination of social security rights for those who live or travel in the EU:

Who do you need to contact?

National Social Security Institute (INPS)
Via Ciro il Grande 21
00144 Rome RM ITALY
Tel. +39 06803164 (normal operator rates apply);
Multi-channel Contact Centre - Toll-free number: 803164 (free) Website: http://www.inps.it

National Institute of Italian Journalists' Social Security (INPGI)
See list of official professional body websites at the end of Chapter 1.

Employee organisations and tax assistance centres (Patronati, CAF)

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